OMG … We’re Pregnant …!

OMG … We’re Pregnant …!

It still feels pretty surreal to be honest, I’ve not really had the time to absorb what’s going on and what’s about to hit us! With major building work going on at home (can’t wait till our new home is built!), work, Baby Brain Apparel, blog, cleaner on holiday for 6 weeks, a very busy summer with weddings birthdays and gatherings AND of course a toddler in tow, I barely get a moment to myself. It’s so different this time around!

It’s going to be pretty manic with two under three! But I’m trying not to freak myself out by the thought. I have braced myself for the first year being somewhat challenging as the sleepless nights kick in and a toddler that may feel he needs to fight for our attention. I’m feeling pretty anxious but I’m also really excited for Arjun to be a big brother and for our little family to grow.

We always knew we’d love to have a second baby (God willing) – I grew up with two sisters and Preetam with a brother and sister. Despite the hair pulling, fighting and parent rivalry, it meant you had a friend for life. Something I am so grateful for – two sisters who I can call my best friends.

When we found out we were pregnant, it all felt so surreal. I remember finding out the morning of my best friend, Amrit’s, wedding reception. I did the test as I was one day late. We were trying for a baby but a few negatives a few days earlier meant I wasn’t holding my breath. I had invested in a pack of 20 pee sticks from eBay as (I’m sure many of you can relate!) it almost became an addictive habit peeing on a stick for a few months! An expensive habit when investing in Clearblues! The First Response test (which promises to detect early … You lie!) I’d done a few days earlier (2 days before my missed period) had come back negative so I was certain I wasn’t pregnant. With Arjun, I’d found out 5 days before my missed period. 

Preetam was outside painting our fence, and Arjun and I were having morning snuggles when I decided to do a cheap test out of force of habit ..! I was completely shocked when I saw a faint second red line. Damn it did I leave the test out too long and was if a hoax?! I decided to use the last Clearblue Test I had to double check … I was so surprised, despite us trying, to see a positive after seeing negatives a few days before! I embraced Arjun and cried. I handed him the stick (after wiping it with a Dettol wipe as you do!) and rushed down to show it to Preetam who was equally as surprised!

The rest of the day was a blur as I partied the night away with my bestie and her husband. What a fabulous day all round!

My initial emotions were definitely of excitement and sheer gratitude. I felt just as happy as I’d imagined myself to feel.
Would love to have a little girl to complete our little family but I’d be equally as thrilled with a little boy, I’m grateful for whatever blessing God bestows on us. 

I’ll be sharing my journey with you and catching up with blogging now that we’ve shared our news! Just in case you missed it, you can catch up with my “pregnancy after a c section” post. 


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