Our 5 Favourite Vegetarian Lunch Time Ideas

Our 5 Favourite Vegetarian Lunch Time Ideas

Hello all,

I often post Arjun’s lunches on social media but realise that I haven’t really covered a lot of them here so thought I’d share our 5 favourite lunch ideas.

Given we are vegetarian, I’m always conscious of how much protein Arjun gets and I’m constantly thinking of ways to get protein in his diet. Some of those ideas are shared below. 

For lunch we generally go for something bread based – be it a wrap, a bagel, pita, a Panini or your bog standard bread!

1. Humous, finely chopped spinach, diced red onion, crushed four bean and chive cottage cheese wrap

[served with Organix sweetcorn rings, steamed sweet potato and butternut squash cubes and cheddar cheese blocks]



2. Wholemeal bread or pita topped with tomato puree, spinach, sliced tomato and mozarella seasoned with basil, oregano and thyme

[served with avocado slices, Organix carrot puffs and chive cottage cheese]



3. Soft baguette with cheese, avocado and red onion seasoned with black pepper

[served with Organix tomato slices, homemade salsa and clementine segment]



4. Humous, cheese, Quorn Turkey and sage slices, cucumber and tomato sandwich

[served with Organix carrot sticks, a dinosaur cheddar cheese block and a clementine]



5. Sweet potato, butternut squash, cheese seasoned with black pepper wrap



What are your favourite lunch time meals?x


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    SIan - The Mama Story

    What fab ideas! I’ve got stuck in a meal rut at the moment so I’m determined to shake things up when Christmas is over. I’m veggie (well I don’t eat meat) my kids aren’t but they mostly eat veggie.

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