Our Day Off …

Our Day Off …

I decided to take Thursday off from my phone, social media and blogging. Just a break in general. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and exhausted as I shared in my last post. Coupled with a slight cold and a sleep fighting baby, it’s been so tiring. 

I stayed away from my phone and it felt so nice – I felt lighter, my head didn’t feel so strained and my fingers got a break from the constant typing. I used my camera to take pictures instead and only checked my phone in between locations. I will definitely be doing that more often! It’s amazing how wrapped up in a phone one can become – flicking between Twitter, Facebook, blogging Instagram, Shopstyle, Pinterest and the list goes on  (you catch my drift) – you can end up spending hours on end engrossed in your phone and cyber space as life passes you by. 

We spent my “day off” exploring what the beautiful Cotsworlds has to offer… It was just what I needed – open space, both mental and physically and a break from everything. 
We decided to visit Cotsworlds Wildlife Park which I’d highly recommend for a beautiful day with gorgeous views, open and airy surroundings and lots of animals! There was a mixture of farm animals as well as wild animals, a train ride and there was also a fun adventure park where Arjun enjoyed his first zip wire experience. 

The stunning Cotsworlds views …


The wildlife park …

He’s obsessed with magnets … That’s what he chose as his gift from the wildlife park …



Following on from the wildlife park, we made a quick trip to The Burford Garden Company as we passed it. It was absolutely gorgeous with lots of super cute quirky decoration and buys and a super cute Childrens shop which specialises in wooden toys. We’ll definitely be visiting again and next time will be stopping for tea and scones when time isn’t restricted. We managed to grab a pair of Hunters each in time for the wet weather though :). 







We finishs the day off with a quick spot of shopping for Arjun at Bicester where we enjoyed a yummy Nutella crepe followed by tea and scones. A day of indulgence indeed! 



I had such a beautiful slow paced day and really enjoyed it. It’s just what I needed and I’ll be sure to do it more often – a way from my phone. 


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    I highly recommend it! I need more of it. Decided to take a break from #BabyBrainMonday today too. Will be back next week 🙂 xx

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