Our Favourite Special Educational Needs (SEN) Toys

Our Favourite Special Educational Needs (SEN) Toys

Most children like bright and textured toys, however with Saajan, due to his developmental delays, I’ve had to seek toys that he finds extra exciting to motivate him to do things such as reach out, grasp or roll over. Textures have been important in encouraging the use of his hands – we almost have to remind him of his arms and hands for him to use them! The use of stimulating toys in achieving milestones has been imperative in our journey. Sian, Saajan’s key worker has helped us along the way with different suggestions and we’ve stumbled upon some ourselves.


Here are our favourite toys!

Flashing finger gloves: these are both great for varying texture and the flashing lights always engage Saajan.

Flashing spike balls: these are both great for varying texture and the flashing lights always engage Saajan.  The size of these balls and the spikes makes it easier for Saajan to flick the ball.

Light up pillow: This pillow comes with a remote whereby the colour can be changed – it’s a great distraction for tummy time which Saajan really dislikes! The furry texture is also soft on the hands.

Spikey light up batons: these are similar to the flashing spike balls in terms of texture, but the baton part lights up with this toy. Saajan found it easier to grasp the baton part.

Lamaze toys: I’m a great fan of Lamaze toys – they’re bright, make different manual sounds and have varied textures. Saajan’s favourites are the Tug & Play Knot which he found easy to grip due to the weight distribution and design of the toy, the Flip Flap Dragon as he loves watching the wings flap and also loves chewing on the tail! Saajan also loves all things crunchy – his favourite crunchy noise making book is the Lamaze Classic Discovery Book more for the sound than anything else!

Rainmaker: although Saajan is unable to grip the rainmaker himself, the sound it makes is a great way to get his attention – it helped us master rolling!

Bright Starts press & glow spinner: This toy spins around, plays music and has flashing lights. It’s been really useful in encouraging Saajan to roll and stay on his tummy and recently to help him sit.


Soft mirrors: Saaj absolutely loves looking at himself in the mirror! He often grasps the mirror and lifts it to look at himself.  It also helps hold his attention for long enough during tummy time.

What are your favourite toys?x





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