Our Festive Baby/Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (Christmas 2013)

Our Festive Baby/Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (Christmas 2013)

We decided to share the news with our parents and siblings straight away despite the GPs advice to not until three months had passed. We made the call to share the news with our families as we wanted them to be a part of our journey and if something were to go wrong, we would need their support anyway.

We shared the news with our immediate family by preparing a personalised save the date card with a message from their unborn grandchild/niece/nephew.  It was a cute idea and they were thrilled when they read the message.  They were extremely emotional that they were about to embark on a new journey of grandparenthood! Not only a new chapter in our lives but also in theirs – their babies were going to have a baby!  


We told the extended family once we’d had our three month scan and everything appeared to be ok. It coincided well with Christmas and we were able to share the news in a festive way.  

We told my side of the family via a picture message of Bruno with a sign on standing infront of the Christmas tree.  The reactions were hilarious – I did receive a few phone calls to ask whether Bruno was pregnant! Haha! (Bruno is a boy!).

We shared the news with Preetam’s side of the family on Boxing Day as we have an annual family gathering so thought it would be nicer to share the news face to face. I prepared home made crackers with a picture of baby’s scan and a message to all plus random bits such as a dummy rock, a baby foot eraser and a baby bottle filled with jelly babies! We got the family to sit in a large circle and crack the crackers at the same time. It probably took about 60 seconds for the first person to figure it out! They too were super excited as this was going to be the first grandchild on that side of the family. 

I bought all the cracker fillers from amazon/eBay.  12 crackers cost me approximately £20 in total and I was super happy with how effective they were!


Our family and friends were over joyed for us and it all started to feel a lot more real!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are able to find some baby announcement inspiration from this post! 🙂


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