Our handsome man has Down’s Syndrome…

Our handsome man has Down’s Syndrome…

So, my kid has Down’s Syndrome. I never really knew what Down’s Syndrome was, I could easily identify it and tell if someone had Down’s Syndrome but never understood it.
Its basically a scenario where usually at the point of conception the foetus has an extra chromosome (21). Where two chromosomes are expected you end up with three. In most cases having one more of something is usually a good thing. However when it comes to chromosomes it seems the additional results in slowed learning and a few Down’s characteristics.

I am writing this on the evening my second son was born. When he was born I noticed a few Down’s related features but put it down to him being born at 39 weeks. I mentioned the look to my wife who assumed I was implying he looks like her side of the family at which point I just dropped the topic. 

Later that evening a consultant came to see us to confirm our son does indeed have Down’s. The realisation of this broke me. I am not a very humbled or religious person, I am driven and focused but tend not to stop and enjoy let alone be thankful for everything in my life. Deep down I am thankful in my own way but I don’t express this openly. Unfortunately I can be quite judgemental with little remorse when something frustrates me. I am adamant my sons additional chromosome was indirectly my fault. I didn’t intentionally cause it to happen. But felt my actions or thought process had led God or the universe to “balance my books”. I felt it was a way for him to punish my wrong doing by punishing my child.

This broke me.

I am far from the perfect husband. In fact, I’m an appalling husband, you just need to ask my wife.

I do however try to be a good dad. Prior to Saajan, my second son, I had Arjun. Arjun has been the apple of my eye from the moment he was born. He brought out feelings in me I thought I never had. We are completely besotted with each other and just inseparable. Arjun is perfect. What’s funny is I see myself in him everyday with his little mannerisms like sticking his tongue out while he is concentrating. The way he just loves to get involved. I feel I’ve always known him, maybe connected with his soul in a past life. Some might say our relationship isn’t healthy as we both suffer from anxiety when we are initially separated but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So the thought of something I have done or something i simply haven’t done right impacting my child really tore me up. Breaking down randomly, struggling to come to terms with the thought that Saajan isn’t perfect. He isn’t perfect because he has a learning difficulty and has visual signs of Down’s syndrome. 

This morning I went home from the hospital to feed our dog who hasn’t been very well. I took her for a walk to clear my head. This is something I’ve become accustomed to doing for years, it’s something about the early morning air, the fog, the crisp breeze that lets you just get lost. I don’t meditate, but this time in the morning really let’s me just find myself. 

I kept questioning why this has happened. Is it because of the way I am? Is It the things I’ve done that have caused this to happen to my son? Is god punishing me or us? Why is he paying the price?

Harps brought up a funny point that really makes me hate our culture. People just have a habit of talking about ‘nazar’. This is an evil eye, jealousy. Harps doesn’t believe in this, and nor do I. I don’t believe this exists but the truth is it probably does. That when you have things going right, something will inevitably go wrong. I have everything I could ever wish for. What people don’t see is how hard I have to work for it, often sacrificing time with my family. This aside, I have also been a firm believer that problems are opportunities. So even if things go wrong, I’m keen to just take it all in my stride. 

I have no doubt I will do my utter best to be a good dad to both my sons. I just can’t help but struggle to understand why this might have happened.

I came to the realisation that yes Saajan has a learning difficulty. But unlike Arjun and I, he will undoubtably have a much more innocent view on the world. Arjun currently does as he is very young, however as he gets older; If he follows my traits, he might get a little arrogant in his adolescent years.

My experience of people with Down’s syndrome has always been positive. Be it seeing children playing or adults offering hugs or smiles to passers by. Those infrequent experiences give me a very reassuring feeling.
Having a child with Down’s I feel will be a positive thing. Saajan is a gift. Unlike Arjun and I, he is such a special gift. He has an extra chromosome which makes him very special. He has a head start. He won’t feel hate or discrimination. His innocence will last a life time.

I always loved seeing the world through Arjun’s eyes. On holiday or his appreciation for little things. Not a single day goes by where I don’t smile at the things he comes out with. The love he has for his brother melts my heart. 

As a family we can all now see the world through Saajan’s eyes. We have been blessed to be able to see the good in everything and really appreciate the world for what it is.
That is something that has been missing from my life. I lack empathy. I don’t always see the good. Recently I feel I have become the first to vent if something isn’t done to my satisfaction. But the truth is, not everyone is like you. Nor is everyone normal. What you do have is people that are very special, like a Saajan. That I feel I am blessed to father, because over our lifetimes I can learn so much from him and become a much better person.
He is a very special soul, Harps thinks he has chosen us to love him and give him the perfect life. 

I don’t think she is wrong. He truly is a remarkable soul. 

Harps is a phenomenal mum, her health has been up and down. She had an emergency c-section, again. But straight away, I have no idea where she has found her strength but she seems completely un-phased. She is determined to be the best mum to Saajy. 

He has a truly amazing big brother. Arjun will certainly keep his little brother on his toes, teaching him to use drills and toy saws! Or the ‘IPad’ to draw with colours. 

More so he has amazing aunties and uncles. My sister in-laws are amazing. I love them like my own siblings. Their love for my kids is unconditional, you can see it. The way they drop everything for them, for us. Harvs, Goovy love you both loads! X And Indy! Thank you for being there. Helping us through our day to day.

The truth is, I don’t want Harps to go through post-natal depression again. I’m not one to talk about my feelings or to share how I feel. I just keep quiet, and get on with it. I wrote this so she knows she has everyone behind her including me. 

The truth is, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This gorgeous little man is going to change our lives for the better. 



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  1. 1

    This is so beautifully written Pritam, tried to fight the tears. It is never easy writing about something so personal but hats off to you. Many congratulations to you and Harps on the birth of your new baby boy. He is adorable and i truly believe he was God sent to you both as you will be amazing, remarkable and loving parents, just like we have seen you both have been with Arjun. I look forward to continue following your beautiful family life. Wishing you all every bit of happiness that God can give.
    Love, Pam

  2. 2

    Bought a tear to my eye Jij.. U shud be proud both u and harps .. he will be loved by everyone .. Your masis love u to bits saji and Arji ! And we all here for u all! xxxxx

  3. 3

    First and foremost congratulations to you all on the birth of your son. Arjun is going to make one hell of a big brother.

    Preetam that was the most beautiful, heartfelt post I have ever read. From the little glimpses we get into your life through this wonderful blog and via Harps on social media, I know that you and your family are strong and that Saajan will have a wonderful life. Arjun is going to make a fabulous big brother and you will all overcome whatever faces you. As for Harps, well she is simply amazing and both your boys are so lucky to have her as their mum. And as you pointed out she has two phenomenal sisters who Arjun adores and who Saajan will too. And the feeling will be mutual.

    You should also never apologise or feel bad for having the drive that you have. As you said you sacrifice a lot to achieve everything you do and for everything you provide for your family. And for that you should be proud.

    Your family will only grow stronger from here on in and I know I for one look forward to watching your new beautiful baby boy grow up like we have Arjun. I bet they become a force to be reckoned with!

    I wish you all the love and happiness that comes with a new baby.
    Cath (BattleMum) xx

  4. 5

    You both are amazing! With a second child who has a disability trust me when I say you will get through it. You have been chosen, you two are so special!! Saajan and Arj are two incredible little boys and so gorgeous! P honestly everything you said I related to so much! I felt the same. You are incredible and like you said Harps is just mind blowing too. You guys have each other and a wonderful family network. Harps I am always here for you darling, love you. Stacey xxx

  5. 6
    Rupinder Kaur

    What a beautiful post. Firstly huge congratulations. This must be such a roller coaster of emotions and it’s good that you have written about it to let some of them out and share what you are going through. You have done nothing wrong and are not being punished although it’s understandable to feel like that when you can’t reason something like this…this soul needed a special home, parents filled with an abundance of love, an extended family that can support and help and a cheeky big brother who can show the way! you have been blessed. Stay brave ❤

  6. 7
    Kat EatLoveLive

    This heartfelt post made me cry and Preetam you are amazing!
    I totally agree that such a special boy chose two amazing parents in you and Harps and your lives will be richer for having him in it.
    The photo of Arj and Saajan melts my heart and I know he is just going to be the best big brother.
    Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous boy. He is simply perfect xxx

  7. 8

    Wow what a humbling and honest post. I don’t know either of you personally but ive been following your journey thru parenthood and it has been so helpful to me (I’ve got a little daughter who is 15 months now). You are both right; God has chosen you both for this wonderful little soul to give him the best of everything in life. You are clearly more than capable and have a wonderful support system around you thru your family, friends and blog community. My thoughts and prayers are with you all; may God give you every strength and chardi kala on this journey. God bless you and Harps sweetheart you are an amazing lady….praying you remain positive and in good spirits. All your readers are with you every step of the way xxx

  8. 9

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little boy.
    Such a proud big brother.
    This was such a heartfelt post and I have not been in your shoes but with adopted siblings with the same extra chromosome I can tell you that you will be exactly the right parents to this little boy. Blessings to you all xx

  9. 10

    Absolutely beautiful. Arjun and Saajan will make you the proudest parents..(I know they have already) lovely to read this. You both were chosen for these 2 beautiful boys and I wish u all the best. As I have seen thru pics you have amazing family and friends. Congratulations on his birth well done to you all.xxx

  10. 11
    Ravjit S

    Congratulations on the birth of baby Saajan ! Preetam – your blog post is just amazing & made me tearful.. It’s been an honour & privilege following your family’s journey via Instagram & knowing what we see of big brother Arjun, I am in no doubt that God has picked the right brother & parents entrusted with His special gift – Saajan ! As you said, Harps is amazing & please let her know that we, her readers, love her & her lovely family and are with her every step of the way ! May God bless you all with Love, Peace & Happiness ! Welcome to the world beautiful Saajan Singh ! Love n hugs Ravi 😊

  11. 12
    Hannah Budding Smiles

    First off, huge congratulations on the birth of your utterly beautiful baby boy.

    I don’t know you and have only very briefly had the pleasure of meeting Harps, but I can tell that Saajan will have a life full of love thank to you, his mummy and his big brother. I’ve had the joy or working with many people with Down’s Syndrome when I was teaching and life isn’t always easy depending on the additional needs they have, but each person is unique and amazing and capable of achieving things.

    Sending loads of love and best wishes to you all xx

  12. 13

    I don’t know you guys but what an absolutely heartfelt and humbling post, one that bought a tear to my eye. You guys are, and will continue to be, wonderful parents to your two boys. You are so brave to put your feelings out there, I hope it helps you to prepare for what will lie ahead for your little family and helps to keep any pnd at bay. Massive congrats on the birth of your new baby, best of luck on your new journey x

  13. 15

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly with us! As you say I’m sure God has picked a special family for this special boy! Something tells me that you guys will be just fine and thrive as a family. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful son!

  14. 16

    Great to read such an honest post in a world where we hide away and brush things under the carpet.
    Your little boy has Down’s syndrome this does not define who he is or who he will become. He is a boy with Down’s syndrome not a Down’s syndrome boy – never let him forget this.
    Congratulations on your newest addition – some amazing adventures await you x

  15. 17
    Parveen Sokhi virdee

    Firstly congratulations to you both. He’s so beautiful and no doubt you both will be beautiful parents as you have been with Arjun x

  16. 18

    Such a heat warming post, firstly many congratulations to you all, you have the most beautiful family ❤️ i found this post so admirationable, your honesty, your fears, your joys just everything is truely remarable. You will be wonderful parents to both boys, regardless of their different needs. I do believe you have been very blessed as god selects very carefully and you both have been given a special gift. stay strong and support each other though the next chapter of your lives.

  17. 19

    I’ll be honest. I teared up reading this. I rarely read your blog because we’re cousins but I felt like I needed to take the time to reply to you here because I want you to know it’s heartfelt and I have the right forum to take my time.

    I struggled to find the right words to say in this reply, because it’s hard to write this kind of thing without it sounding like sympathy.

    Saajan is gifted. He has the one thing in life that all of us strive for as soon as he was born – love. Unconditional, unabated, limitless, warm, comforting love, both from you and to you.

    He has new eyes that will see the world a little differently to the rest of us, but his version of the world is full of potential and possibility. He isn’t limited by anything other than his own mind and will, and with parents like you I’m sure that he will have the drive and determination to do whatever he wants to do. His differences are to become his strength, your collective reason to look forward. He is your symbol for one word, and it’s the same word that Arjun was when he was born, and our Veer for that matter.

    Hope. Hope that you get to feel the same love that he has, hope that living vicariously through our children allows our own lives to feel somewhat complete, hope that the lessons we learned can be passed on to them and they realise what makes them happy as early into their lives as possible.

    He is an angel, and always will be. We can’t wait to meet him, and neither can his big bro Veer!

  18. 21

    This is so beautifully written prretam. I don’t personally know you but I know harps and I am sure you both will be the best parents sajan could ever have and god has this special little man just for you guys coz he knows you will do everything in your power to make and keep him happy.

  19. 22

    Firstly, congratulations to you all on the beautiful new addition to your family! ❤

    I’m a friend of one of Saajan’s aunts. And as someone who has worked with SEN over the years and as an aunt to my autistic nephew, I’ve learnt that a world entrenched in ‘default norms’ excludes so many. I’ve participated in so many debates with ‘science buffs’ who focus on seeking out ‘cures’ but what they are really saying is certain people don’t belong in this word. NO being is ‘less than’, we all come into this world with different ideas, feelings, capabilitites interests. We all have value but above all we all have the capacity to love and be loved.

    I’ve always maintained that children teach us more than we could ever teach them and as an intersectional activist, my heart is absolutely filled to see the impact he’s had on you in such a short space of time. You are right, he’s a special and unique angel who has come to help carry us all on our journey of growth but equally the world now has an additional, extended family who will be fighting to make it a place of acceptance, understanding, empathy and love. He is part of us all!

    Thank you very much for your openness and bravery.

  20. 24
    D Galsinh

    Such a heartfelt post…. congratulations to you and Harps on the birth of your beautiful son, you guys are going to be amazing parents to your beautiful baby boy…just as you have been to Arjun…. totally understand your questions and trying to reason with this but like you say you have an amazing family network who will help you and support you …. God bless 🙏🙏

  21. 25
    Siobhan freegard

    This a beautiful post, partly because it’s so rare to hear a dad open up his heart and partly because it feels as if this might be one of the few times you have really allowed others to feel your feelings and read your deepest thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. You are clearly a wonderful father, in very different ways, to both your boys. Loads of love to you, your wife and family X

  22. 26

    Such an emotional and heartfelt post couldn’t help the tears. Saajan is such a beautiful and gorgeous boy. Definitely second that you and Harps are already fantastic parents to Arjy but will be even more so with your now 2 amazing children. I always say to Harps what an inspiration she is. Saajan has chosen you as his family for a reason, a very special reason. God bless you all always x

  23. 27

    I have to thank you for being so honest in your post, it really is heartwarming to read such honesty. Your new addition is absolutely gorgeous
    God bless you all xx

  24. 28
    Lucky Dhillon

    Firstly Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby boy.
    I have been following your blog and social media posts for some time but I have never commented.
    This is such a beautiful and truthful post.
    I wish you both well and strength. Just remember you baby is first a baby a human being. Don’t worry about anything else for now. Enjoy the newborn moments.
    You both are amazing parents. I wish you all the best.

  25. 29

    I have followed Harps and her journey for some time, always admiring her honesty and the vivacity with which she tackles life. I look up to her enthusiasm, energy and boundless love for her family. I cried reading your post and thank you for sharing it. I hope Harps and you know you have much support from people around you.

    Wishing you all the very best with your lovely family and beautiful addition of Saajan.

  26. 30

    Guys, I’m sorry this has happened to you but on the other hand, I put things into perspective and know that it could have been much worse. Having lost a precious boy and recently my marriage, I’d give anything to have another precious little life entrusted to me. So, cherish your special boy, face the challenge bravely and always together and all will be well. Much love to you all.xxx

  27. 31
    Khristina Atwal

    You are both fantastic parents and it acknowledging how we can do better as a partner and parent that is admirable, acknowledging we can do better is important but also having the courage to do something about it is special.

    This adorable little boy was definitely meant to be yours, who wouldn’t want that fab parents that you both are. This is merely an opportunity to learn another way of life and there is no better parents for this. Happiness and love to you all as you embark upon this beautiful journey as parents to two amazing little boys xo

  28. 32

    Congratulations. Your beautiful little man is blessed to have you both as parents as you are to have him. Pritam your words are so raw as is the emotion but so honest and heartfelt. Like others have posted, I too fought back the tears. I leave feeling uplifted and smiling and realising this beautiful child has already started to bring the best out in you and others he will meet. Stay blessed.

  29. 33

    Congratulations to the both of you on the birth of your gorgeous baby boy.

    Don’t feel gulity or blame yourself, from following your journey you can tell how amazing you both are to the point i questioned my parenting! But remember Saajan is a gift from God doesn’t matter if he has Downs he is special and will need his parents strength, love and guidance and he will teach you so much as well as learn from you. Your fab parents and we all know you will give him the best in life – stay blessed and positive. x

  30. 34

    *writing through tears* Congratulations to you all. What a lovely positive post. It sounds like you have a lot of support and boundless love for both of your boys xx

  31. 35

    Congratulations to you both on the birth of your beautiful son. That was such an emotional post but very refreshing written by Dad. Saajan is gift from God, he chose you both to be his parents because He knows you can give him the best in life! You have two beautiful sons and lots of love for them! Be strong stay positive and God bless you all🙏

  32. 36

    Congratulations on your beautiful son.

    I’ve been following Harps blogs for some time now and she’s a very likeable and admirable person. This post has really touched me, it’s so honest and heartfelt. There’s no stronger emotion than real true feelings. I understood everything you wrote and I believe that God/The Universe has a bigger plan that maybe none of us will know the answers to no matter how many questions we ask.

    Both your sons are beautiful and like Harps said, I believe that they chose you and wanted you to be their parents as you both do such an amazing job with Arjun from what I’ve seen – he’s also adorable!

    I also being from the punjabi culture don’t believe or like the word nazar and I don’t believe that can be the cause of things, because I believe that good, positive thoughts outweighs bad, negative thoughts. However sometimes we look at every possible cause to try and determine answers. Your post naturally portrayed what’s human nature, exploring the mind.

    I’m sure the four of you will teach each other so much- you’re both such humble nice appreciative about life people. May you both continue to embark this beautiful journey with your beautiful boys xxx

  33. 37

    A beautiful post. My first cousin has downs and I enjoy seeing the happiness in his eyes, he has an innocent soul which is amazing and what draws people in. Enjoy your son and they joy he will bring to your lives.

  34. 38

    The most beautiful and soulful people I know I learn so much from you and I’m so proud to say I have you guys in my life and two gorgeous nephews watching you as a family teaches me so much. I love you so much all our love Rups and T’jai x

  35. 39

    Wow!!! What a beautiful, tear jerking post. It takes a lot of courage to be able to share that with the world.

    Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little boy! Only you guys know the emotions and the roller-coaster you’ve been through and will go through. Enjoy every moment, they’re both beautiful little souls to be proud of.

    I’ve personally worked with children with Down’s syndrome. There’s such a wide spectrum of characteristics. But in today’s society and with an advancing world…the world is his oyster! And, like you said he’ll have the innocence and the pure mind that we don’t all possess. Baba ji made him and gave him to you because they knew that your the perfect parents to look after their “delicate package”.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you do continue to write as they are probably a life line for many parents alike. Xxx

  36. 40

    This is the first post I have ever read of this blog. Hurts to think it’s the last but I get it. It’s important for you to keep up with your own lives before you get us all up to speed.

    Had to fight back the tears. Completely mixed emotions. The honesty and strength you both have shows through your writing. I don’t fee I have the right to say any much more.

    God bless you and your family. May Babaji always protect your boys. Xxx

  37. 41


    Your baby Saajan is truly a test from God as well as a gift.
    He has chosen you as he knows you will provide for him and love him dearly. You will give him the absolute best in life!!
    Pritum you seem like a doting father and you will see yourself through this test. Never lose faith in God he is always with you.
    Harps is a amazing soul. Such a lovely women who never lost hope.

    Arjun will teach and help his brother where ever he needs to.

    From a mother speaking from experience the doctors always say the worse. Never lose hope and faith. My daughter has a disability and we feared the worse so did the doctors.
    Told me that she will lose hair, be slow in class and have serve health conditions. Slow growth. I can say she is 12 with the thickest hair I have ever seen. Top student of the class and nearly 6ft tall.
    Please don’t think you are alone. At first you will find it hard but as long as you hold each others hand you will sail through this test of life. X

  38. 42
    Minal Roy

    This is such a beautiful post. Cried as you were just so open and honest! Saajan is a blessing that will make you the be the best versions of yourself always.

    It is so refreshing to see a father be this open and honest about what’s in his heart and I hope this encourages other fathers to do the same. This is key to preventing post natal depression.

    Thank you so much for sharing this


  39. 44

    Such a beautiful post…I finished reading it with tears in my eyes! Congratulations to all of you, he is a gorgeous little boy. Life wont be easy but I do believe you both have been chosen. Harps has already broken so many barriers in the Asian community by being so open with her PND and anxiety. I have no doubt you’ll both continue to do the same as you embark on your journey with Sajaan. Arjun will also see the world with different eyes with his little brother by his side. God bless you all xxx

  40. 45

    Such a moving & heartfelt account..congrats on your new baby boy.. Saajan is simply gorgeous & so special..I truly believe god only tests those that he believes have the strength to be tested..so love Saajan with all you have & make sure he always knows he has yours, Harps & his big brother’s love & support always..lots of love..x

  41. 49

    Hi harps and preetam, I just read your last post and you couldn’t have put it in better words! I have a elder sister with Down’s syndrome (Mandeep). Mandeep is now 36 years old and the life and soul of our family! Your right about saajan having a more innocent outlook to life than any other normal human being……

    In this day age your very lucky to have so much support when it comes to raising a child with Down’s syndrome unlike when my parents had Mandeep and struggled bringing her up at first….

    Back in those days other kids at school didn’t even understand much about other children or adults with learning difficulties and because of this I decided to keep my sisters condition a secret to prevent any bullying or taunts by the other children….. I remember once when my mum came to pick me up from school and she bought Mandeep along with her…. my sister had this immense amount of affection for me and wasn’t afraid to show it! That day she was so excited to come too my school to pick me up that she came running over to me and gave me this great big hug and kiss. My instant reaction was to quickly look around and see if anyone saw this…! Ofcourse a few other kids in my school saw and some of them had a look of confusing on their faces but to me it was a look of disgust…. I had a few nasty comments at school the next day and I vowed I would never tell anyone about my sister again to prevent such nasty comments in the future…. I even made life difficult for my mum…. when she would take us out for anything I would walk 10 steps ahead of her and my sister so no one would know that I was with them…. i thought I was being smart and mum didn’t know what I was doing but she did! A few years ago when I told my mum what I would do she just looked at me and said “I know”…..

    I have a younger brother too and my brother never behaved the way I did….. he was oblivious to what other people said. In fact if anyone looked at my sister in a strange way he would comment back and ask them if there was a problem. He would even tell his classmates he had a speacial sister….

    When I was 16 I don’t know what it was that changed me suddenly but I remember I was going into town to get something and I asked my sister for the first time if she wanted to come with me, to which she said yes (Mandeep loves going shopping and especially that I asked her she wouldn’t turn that opportunity down!) so there was Mandeep and I walking into town and I don’t know if it was just me but I noticed a old lady look at my sister and just stare….. it hurt me when people would stare at her because she’s still a human being but that day for the first time I held my sisters hand and I squeezed it tight and walked along proudly with her….. I didn’t care if anyone looked at my sister but if anyone had something to say about her I wouldn’t be scared to answer them back….! From that day on I embraced my sisters disability and had this new found love and affection for her! Mandeep and I are very close and to be honest I’m lucky to have a special sister like her….. when I would go out with my friends and come home late my parents would be asleep but not mandeep….. her eyes would be half closed and she would be watching tv, she would see me walk through the door and jump up and say “I didn’t sleep because I was waiting for you!” With a big smile on her face! After a few years of persuading her she finally stopped waiting for me. I take my sister out most weekends as she goes to a adult day centre on the weekdays but I don’t want her missing out on things so I spend as much time with her on weekend as I can.

    I got married in April last year and that affected my sister big time! Not having me around all the time bought her down a lot! But I was lucky to have such a loving and caring husband who would pick my sister up every Friday night and she would spend her weekends with us…. I just gave birth to a baby boy. My baby is so lucky to have a special Aunty who will love him unconditionally! We just bought a new house so currently we are living with my parents. My sister will sit there and speak non stop to our baby boy to the point I think he gets bored of her and falls asleep on her! I won’t ever let my son be embarrassed of his Aunty and ensure he shares the same special bond that his mummy shares within his Aunty too.

    It will be hard bringing saajan up compared to Arjun but you will share such awesome moments and memories with saajan because he will be your special baby boy. Believe me he will even have his special relationship with arjun that other siblings don’t even have….. please don’t stop sharing saajans progress with everyone and I wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy 😊


  42. 50

    My daughter is 24 and has Down Syndrome. She may have ds but it’s not her identity. Your struggle will not be your beautiful boy, it will be the outside world. Your family, friends, co workers ect, are going to love him. Our struggles were more with strangers, doctors, teachers and such. But those things fade away. He will bring joy to all who meet him. He is not that little Down’s boy. He just happens to have Down syndrome. He will be just fine. Blessings to your family!

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