Paper Trail … This Mummy’s Pregnancy Journal

Paper Trail … This Mummy’s Pregnancy Journal

Hey all!

Hope you’re having a great day! 

I thought I’d share my experience of keeping a pregnancy journal with you. 

I kept a pregnancy journal from once I had had my first scan (at seven weeks due to a bleed).  I was really worried to do it beforehand just incase something went wrong and I became attached to the idea of having a baby.

I found keeping a journal such a great way of managing my anxiety and feelings.  For some reason I felt a whole lot lighter once I’d put my feelings down on paper.  If I feel brave enough, I may let Arjun read it one day (when I’m ready to accept that I’ll be ok with him thinking that his mummy’s a little loopy!).
I wrote at least once a week and mainly got down my excitement (although it was always tamed throughout my pregnancy as I was petrified of something going wrong) and my anxieties.
My pregnancy journal is really personal to me but I feel like by keeping a journal, I’m sharing my life and experiences of my pregnancy and motherhood so I thought I’d share a small snippet to give you a flavour of some of the emotions I went through. 
This particular extract relates to when I had a gush of water at 12 weeks and was told to come to the hospital immediately.  The doctor thought my waters had broken on examination.  It was such a terrifying experience and the emotions I went through whilst at the hospital were crazy.  Thankfully I had my sister and my mum with me who helped me get through it.  It was a long six hours! It also gave my mum the chance to meet her grandchild. 

A piece of advice to all pregnant ladies; never ignore any symptoms that are not normal for you or your baby. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I also visited triage on several occasions due to reduced movement and was never snubbed.  I was always monitored and on one occasion I needed a scan as the CTG was unable to detect a steady heartbeat (again a scary experience!). Never ignore your baby or your body no matter how trivial it may seem! 
The Count The Kicks app  is a great way to monitor movement in your third trimester. You can find more information on the organisation here:
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