Party Bags & Supplies Dino Blast Party Pack Review

Party Bags & Supplies Dino Blast Party Pack Review

For those of you that follow my blog, will know that I’m a sucker for party planning! Arjun’s first birthday party took almost 6 months to plan and every little detail had to be perfect!


So no surprises that the thought of his second birthday often creeps up, given he isn’t even 18 months yet, I do try and push it aside! There’s no harm in thinking about themes though right!?


When I was given the option to review a party pack, I jumped at the chance! Especially given I’d made the silly mistake of buying Arjun’s first birthday supplies individually instead of as a pack.


Party Bags and Supplies have a wide variety of party packs and I was really spoilt for choice, but given Arjun’s so in to dinosaurs at the moment, and it is a theme possibility, I decided to go for the Dino Blast themed party pack.


Each party pack contains 8 cups, 8 plates, 16 napkins, 1 table cover plus 8 filled party bags. Per the website, the Dino Blast themed party bag included 1 x dino glider, 1 x stretchy dinosaur, 1 x dinosaur finger puppet, 1 x finger trap & 1 x set of micro stickers. Each pack costs £28.


I really like how colourful the themed pack is, I’m a fan of lots of bright colours especially for kid’s parties. There’s lots of additional matching décor available on the site which would make it a lot easier to theme the event.


The cups and plates feel like great quality – they’re not thin and flimsy and I love the gloss finish on the plates – it gives them a really good quality feel and also enhances the colours. The napkins are two ply and are large in size.
The table cover is plastic which means its easy to wipe down.  It’s a bordered style cover so the centre is white and the sides are printed.  This is the type of table cover that would be perfect for the cake table.  I made the mistake of using an all over printed table cover for Arjun’s 1st birthday cake table which didn’t allow for the cake to be showcased as much.

I love that the party bags are put together according to the theme. If you read my party bag post from Arjun’s birthday, you’d have seen that I spent a lot of time trapsing the internet to theme them! Having a headstart with pre filled themed party bags would have been great!
The items included as per the website are also similar to the types of things I’d look to include in a party bag such as the glider and the finger puppets and also stickers as they’re Arjun’s new favourite thing! However, there is a disclaimer on the website stating that contents may vary. What I actually received was stickers, a gunky mini egg dinosaur, a stretchy dinosaur figurine, haribos and a finger trap. Other than the stickers and the dinosaur figurine these aren’t items I’d probably choose myself.

If I was to purchase this pack, I’d definitely add to the party bags with another edible and another toy (or two) – something like these dino blow outs.  I would also probably swap the plastic party bags with something different like perhaps party boxes. Although the party bags include items for 3+, a lot of the children attending Arjun’s party would be over this age anyway. They wouldn’t be as suitable for the younger children especially items like the gunky mini egg dinosaur.


I really like the pack and I think its great value for money – especially given how much I ended up spending on Arjun’s birthday! The sum of the items bought individually is greater than buying it in a pack by about £4. I’ll definitely be opting for one of these party packs for Arjun’s second party once I’ve definitely decided on a theme, they’re a lot better value for money!  I used this company for Arjun’s 1st birthday but just made the mistake of buying individual items! The service I received was great and the items got delivered fast!

Party Bag & Suppliers are kindly offering all my readers a whopping 15% off all orders – use code HBBM15 at the checkout.  Happy shopping! 🙂

I was sent this product for review however, all my opinions and beliefs about the product are honest and my own.



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