Paw Patrol Live VIP Reception & Gala Performance Review

Paw Patrol Live VIP Reception & Gala Performance Review

One of my absolute favourite things about blogging is the opportunities it opens up for Arjun and Saajan! As you all know, Arjun is the biggest Paw Patrol fan! He is often caught enthusiastically role playing with his army of Paw Patrol toys! So you can imagine his delight when we were invited to the Paw Patrol VIP reception followed by the show at Wembley Arena which was like being in heaven for any Paw Patrol fanatic! We were kindly offered to bring a friend and we decided to take Arjun’s best bud Jovan and his mummy. The boys had a blast and Arjun cried at the end of the show as he didn’t want to leave!


Prior to the show, Arjun was sent a Rubble teddy and Paw Patrol blanket – he really believed that it had been sent by Ryder!

The VIP reception included lots of fun for the boys including a balloon modeler (who was requested to make a dinosaur and kindly obliged though he’s not done one before!), face painting – both boys decided they wanted to be Spiderman (!). The food spread was lovely and they catered for vegetarians really well! I enjoyed a halloumi and roast vegetable burger and chips and Arjun enjoyed a cheese and onion sandwich with chips. The dessert of bone shaped cookies and ice cream was also yum! The boys both received a goody bag which included lots of fun bits!

After the reception, we watched the show and the boys were both star struck! The storyline is about an adventure for the pups to find Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta. Once they are rescued, they then help her to find clues needed to reach the finish line in her race against the naughty Mayor Humdinger. Just like the show, the pups get the opportunity to show off their skills during the production and work together to find clues and help Mayor Goodway. Everest makes an appearance during the show too which was a nice surprise!

The show was full of bright colours, lots of singing (including my favourite – “pup pup boogie!”) and vibrant set designs. The actors were great at engaging the audience. Although it was obvious that someone was inside each character costume, the boys seemed unphased and seemed to genuinely believe that the pups were infront of them! The show was full of high energy and at an hour long, it was just the right amount of time to keep a 3 year old entertained!

After the show, the boys got to meet Chase – they were so excited! Arjun was literally gob smacked..!

The boys went home very happy and excited! I’d highly recommend the show to anyone with a Paw Patrol fan! Tickets can be purchased here.


Disclosure: we were invited to the show however all thoughts and opinions are our own.



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