Personalised Favour Milk Carton/Nappy/Box – Gift from a Baby Idea

Personalised Favour Milk Carton/Nappy/Box – Gift from a Baby Idea

Hello all! 
As you’ve probably gathered, Arjun is extremely close to his Masis (my sisters, his aunts) so when it came to their birthday, we had to do something special! It wasn’t easy thinking of something as we’ve done the whole picture thing numerous times – not that you can ever have enough pictures – especially with the collection of selfies they have with him!

We decided to make them personalised favour “boxes” – I thought of 24 ideas (for their 24th birthday) for each of them ranging from simple things, funny things to days out to things that in fact benefit me 😉 (heehee!!)
Here are some of the favours included:

  • A trip to the park
  • A big squeezy hug 
  • Lunch on me
  • A nappy change 🙂
  • Can you read me a story please?
  • Let’s make an animal out of crafts!
  • Let’s take a selfie 🙂 
  • Let’s have a picnic with all my jungle teddy friends 
  • A trip to the Zoo!
  • Masi write me a story with pictures so I can keep it forever
  • Let’s go to the library together!
  • A trip to the farm
  • Let’s make a car out of crafts things!

I took an empty SMA carton for Harv and included the “favours” in this and I included Goovs in a nappy (clean of course!). 

The twins were absolutely thrilled with their gift and Harv has already opened one of hers – it was “lunch on me” and we went to Nandos together during the week. 

The idea is for them to pick a favour whenever they feel to and whatever it is, we plan for it to happen. It’s a cute way for them to spend quality time with their little love and vice versa. It’s also a great way to personalise the gift to suit the receipient – I included specific “favours” to the type of things each Masi likes. 

We also made them homemade cards – Goov Masi a giraffe one as she’s obsessed with them and Harv Masi a little monkey one as that’s what she is! 

Do you have any personalised gift ideas? I’d love to hear about them! x

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    Thanks hun! You could still do it, get them to pick a “favour” whenever you see them – it’ll give them a chance to spend quality time with the little one too 🙂 x

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