Personalised Keepsake Box for Nani Ji!

Personalised Keepsake Box for Nani Ji!

Monday marked my mummy’s birthday and we wanted to make it special for Arjun’s Nani Ji! 


For his first year of life, Arjun’s made his grandparents homemade cards so I thought we’d do something a little different this year given their fridge doors are predominantly taken over by Arjun crafty spam! This year we decided to make Naniji a personalised keepsake farm themed box using Arjun’s very smudgy hand and footprints.

We started by doing all the hand, finger and footprints.

Arjun I then painted in the other bits – the tree trunk, the flower stems, the grass, the vines, the monkey (Arjun’s farm has a monkey in it 🙂 as that’s Nani’s favourite animal), mouth and eyes and the tractor wheels.


We purchased the box from here and we used water based poster paints to paint.

After we’d done Arjun’s hand and foot prints he decided he wanted to do another painting using a brush. That came to a firm halt when I told him he can’t eat the paint! Here he is throwing a full on tantrum .. It ended with green paint on my cream carpet! Oops.


What personalised gifts have you created for loved ones?x


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    Aww that’s a great idea hun. I’ve never made anything with BattleKid for his grandparents but have usually ordered personalised gifts for them from places on notonthehighstreet. Those boxes are great value. I might look into stealing your idea! Also, they’d be great for storing all his nursery art work in.

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