The Pullpots Punjabi Reading Books Series Review

The Pullpots Punjabi Reading Books Series Review

As you’ve probably gathered, it’s really important to me that my children are well cultured and also learn to read, write and speak Punjabi so that one day they can pass it on to their children. It also means that if they ever wanted to recite Paat (prayers) they can – I remember being taken to Punjabi school by my dad when younger and begrudgingly going. He promised me one day I’d appreciate it. He was right – I do. Through some of my trials and tribulations, the only thing that has gotten me through is prayer. I’m grateful I was taught to read and write Punjabi as I’m able to now recite my paat.

When Kiran contacted me to ask if we’d be happy to receive copies of her new books, obviously I was excited! – We’ve reviewed books written by Kiran in the past and we loved them! She had a special request this time though – for my dad (his first blogging gig!) to be a part of the review. All opinions below are that of both my dad and I.

The books we were sent; The Pullpots Rasoi and The Pullpots Road Trip are the next level to the foundation level books we were previously sent and are based on the Vidya reading scheme.

The Pullpots Rasoi book is a level 1 punjabi reading book with simple illustrations and simple sentences relating to the kitchen. Rather than a story book, the book has short punchy unrelated sentences. Each sentence serves a dual purpose – eg “Paani da jug” means “a jug full of water” – describing the word water and jug in one sentence. The simplicity of this book makes it impactful. Though we still need to get a move on with teaching Arjun the punjabi alphabet (still working on phonics with English!), I’m really excited to have a simple book which teaches every day words making it very relatable. Kiran chose not to include English phonetic translation in the books to avoid children focusing on what they’re comfortable with rather than pouring their efforts in to reading Gurmukhi.


The Pullpots Road Trip is a level 2 book. Arjun is miles off being able to read it but he loved being read it. I absolutely adore this book in particular as the book is a simple story about going on a road trip admiring the scenery and eating a picnic lunch with your grandparents. This book resonates so much with us as Arjun and Saajan spend a lot of time with their grandparents. The illustrations are again simple but vibrant and the sentences are short and punchy but the book flows as a story.

Both my dad and I would highly recommend both books. They introduce children to a range of every day words and sentences in Punjabi and make learning fun! You can purchase yours here.

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Disclosure: this is a sponsored post in the form of remuneration or a free product or service received however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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