Safety 1st Timba Wooden High Chair | Review

Safety 1st Timba Wooden High Chair | Review

We used the Hauck Sit and Relax high chair with Arjun purely because it was one of the few that enabled a slightly reclined option for younger babies – we started weaning Arjun at 4.5 months.

We decided to use the same seat for Saajan. Although we started weaning him at 6 months, as he has low muscle tone (part of his extra chromosome!), it took him a little longer to sit up unsupported so this seat worked well.

When we were contacted by the lovely folk at Safety 1st to review their Timba Wooden High Chair we decided it was a good opportunity for a switch. Firstly, he seemed to be getting upset at nursery during meal times and we weren’t sure if it was because the wooden chair they use was quite different to what he was used to at home. Secondly, I like that this high chair resembles a chair more than the one we were using and thirdly, I love the minimalist design which seemed like it’d be a lot easier to clean encouraging me to try our baby led weaning more often!

The chair was simple to assemble – it took Preetam about 15 minutes to do. It features a detachable tray – perfect for washing up, a three point safety harness – something we definitely need with Saajan to stop him from sliding out and an adjustable footstool – Saajan’s is currently set to the first step but it means the seat can grow with him! It helps him to keep his legs grounded rather than swinging them about enabling him to focus on eating.

The chair is suitable from 6 months to 9/10 years as it transforms from a high chair to a junior seat by removing the tray and harness.

Though the seat build means that Saajan has to sit up right and support himself, it means he doesn’t slouch and his posture is a lot better than when in a seat where he can lie back. This has helped him focus more on the food on his tray and also encourages a better swallow. Saajan has really taken to his new high chair and seems to feel more comfortable being in it for meal times though the amount of time he can spend in it is less than a seat with padding that he can lay back in. We are happy with this though as it means he’ll have more structured (and hopefully productive!) meal times.

Another feature we love is that it’s not too bulky which means it slides under the dining table as a regular chair and the tray is the correct height to slide over the dining table meaning he’s able to sit at the table properly with us.

I really love the minimalist design – it blends in so well with our kitchen and I love that it’s made out of wood! It’s very easy to clean.

The only downside is that there is no storage space on the high chair for bibs and wipes. Also there is no rim around the tray next to the baby so Saajan sometimes slides his food off the chair while trying to grasp it.

All in all we are very happy with our new Hugh hair. It’s brilliant value for money – there are similar high chairs available on the market for triple the price of the Safety 1st one, however this one does the job just right! We’d definitely recommend it and we are so pleased it’s helped us introduce baby led weaning more successfully.

Disclosure: this post is sponsored in the form of remuneration or in exchange for a product or service. However all views stated above are my own.


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