SheaMoisture Baby Products Review & Giveaway

SheaMoisture Baby Products Review & Giveaway

I was asked to review the SheaMoisture range by online store My Luxe Kids. I jumped at the chance given I was on the lookout for something with a nicer scent than Simple bath wash that wasn’t harsh on Arjun’s skin.

SheaMoisture pride themselves on using natural ingredients, being eco-friendly and cruelty free. In addition to all that good stuff, they also support many charities and women in deprived areas.

SheaMoisture omit all potentially harmful ingredients to your skin as listed below. Something that immediately drew me to the brand to protect Arjun’s pure skin. I had never overly thought about the amount of chemicals and ingredients included in such products till now.

SheaMoistures ‘no nos’:

  • No parabens
  • No phthalates
  • No paraffin
  • No formaldehyde
  • No propylene glycol
  • No mineral oil
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • No synthetic colour
  • No DEA
  • No petroleum

Arjuns skin type unfortunately can get quite dry and has become quite rough despite lots of moisturising. As mentioned, we were using Simple bath wash and we used Burt Bees oil after bathing him. More recently, as his skin has become dryer, we’ve been prescribed Cetraben to help keep him moisturised. I would much prefer to stick to a more natural product over medicated creams as from experience I know how damaging it can be to your skin over time. SheaMoisture is known to help those with eczema and other skin conditions, so it seemed promising!

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo 8oz

This product would be the equivalent to the Simple head-to-toe bath wash that we were using on Arjun.

What it says on the bottle: SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo cleanses while calming and comforting baby’s delicate skin. Shea Butter – deeply moisturizes and repairs skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Chamomile anti-inflammatory properties help soothe red, irritated skin. Argan Oil which is high in Vitamin E, keeps skin soft and smooth.

Usage: The product is definitely gentle enough for everyday use as the bottle says. The 8oz bottle would last a while as you only need a few drops per wash.

Smell: It smells lovely! I’ve been itching to use something with a little bit of a scent on Arjun! Of course without compromising what it does to his skin. The smell is fruity and refreshing.

Texture: It’s less creamy when compared to the Simple brand bath wash we’re used to. It’s more transparent with a tinge of orange/brown similar to Johnson’s shampoo. The consistency is the same as other bath washes.

How we found it: I bathed Arjun in it for a week before writing up my review. I really loved how well it cleaned things such as pen marks off his skin. With creamier bath washes I always feel as though the soap slips right off before it can get rid of the grime. This was different. I was relieved that Arjun’s sensitive skin didn’t react adversely to the product. If anything, it made his skin feel a little softer and smoother. I get a whiff of the beautiful scent from his hair even the next morning.

The only thing that it didn’t work so well on was his hair. Arjun has very thick luscious locks and if can be quite difficult to wash it. Although it was easy enough to lather his hair in the wash and rinse it out, the texture of his hair after felt quite gritty and dry so perhaps the use of a conditioner after would help.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this product for a daily bath wash but if using on similar hair type as Arjun’s, to also use a conditioner.

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion

This product would be the equivalent to us using Burt Bee’s oil after a bath on Arjun.

What it says on the bottle: Excellent for a calming and relaxing massage. Gentle enough for everyday use. SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion moisturizes, calms and comforts baby’s delicate skin.

Usage: Apply lotion on baby’s skin after bath or anytime baby needs a kiss of moisture.
Again a large sized 8oz bottle which should last a while!

Smell: it has a really pleasant floral smell (especially compared to Cetraben!).

Texture: it’s a lot thicker than average lotions, the consistency is similar to that of Coco Butter. It requires a bit of muscle when pumping out of the bottle!

How we found it: I really love the lotion on both Arjun and myself. I use it daily on my hands. Although a thicker texture, it absorbs in to the skin well without too much effort moisturising well. I am definitely using Cetraben a lot less. Im hoping we can abandon it all together eventually. I’m so glad it’s completely natural and not harmful to Arjun’s skin.

I’d definitely recommend the lotion as a daily moisturiser. You can win a bottle over on my Instagram page!

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Ointment (Vaseline)

This product is the SheaMoisture’s equivalent to Vaseline.

What it says on the bottle: SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Ointment is a petrolatum-free ointment made to calm and protect baby’s raw irritated delicate skin. Perfect for soothing symptoms of nappy rash.

Usage: Apply to baby’s lips, cheeks hands, arms and legs. Apply liberally to baby’s bottom with each nappy change, or as needed. Gentle enough for everyday use. 4oz – would last a while.

Smell: much more pleasant smell compared to Vaseline!

Texture: much firmer than Vaseline, less oily.

How we found it: we tried this product on Arjun’s lips and when he had nappy rash. It worked well on his lips as a moisturiser especially when he has dry lips however not so well on his nappy rash. It didn’t make the rash any worse but in our case, it didn’t soothe it unfortunately.

Would you love to win a bottle of SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion? We’re giving away one to a lucky winner over on Instagram! Don’t forget to enter!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post either in the form of remuneration or a free product being sent to us for review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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