Sikh Roots … Growing Locks and the 11 Styles of Hair for Boys

Sikh Roots … Growing Locks and the 11 Styles of Hair for Boys

Hello All!

As you may have seen from my instagram  and facebook page recently, Arjun’s luscious locks have got a life of their own all of a sudden! We will be keeping Arjun’s hair like his grandfathers and his daddy for religious reasons and when he is older, he will wear a turban – the Sikh crown.

You may be wondering why Sikh’s keep their hair?  I’m no self proclaimed expert in Sikhi and nor am I a perfect Sikh, but I adore my faith and the principles it beholds.

The 5 K’s in Sikhism are five articles of faith that baptised Sikh’s wear at all times as ordered by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The 5 K’s form the external identity of a Sikh. The hair (kesh) is one of the 5 K’s (if you’d like to read up on the other K’s, you can do here).


Sikh’s keep their hair as a symbol of respect for God’s perfect creations. Throughout history, hair has been regarded as a symbol both of holiness and strength in the Sikh faith. Sikh’s believe that the hair channels strength and spiritual energy. Sikh men are distinctly recognisable by their crowns – their turbans worn to keep their uncut hair clean and tidy. Many Sikh women also wear turbans for the same reasons and as I’ve stated before, they radiate pure elegance.

I adore Arjun’s thick brown locks. To me it’s a part of his character and who he is – I don’t think I could bear to part with them! But his hair is at that stage or is quickly approaching the stage where it’s soon going to need a bit of taming. It definitely has a life of it’s own!

My curly haired monster!

So like many Sikh mummies with little boys in the same predicament as me – which way do we keep their hair through that “middle” stage between baby hair and them wearing a turban when older?!

There are so many signature hairstyles that little baby boys rock – some typical of Sikh boys. I decided to get my followers involved by putting together a little light hearted montage of what some of those “middle” hair styles are.  I’m sure many mummies can relate!

A big thank you to Nicky, Tanveer, Hardeep, Jagdip, Kiran, Harnam and Ameet for participating and sharing pictures of your gorgeous boys! x

1. The Famous “Telephone Wires”: This is typically a Kenyan style and one that all my cousin brothers had when they were younger!  This hairstyle involves plaiting the hair on either side and using ribbon to tie them together at the back. Who said boys can’t rock ribbons?! From the front, they look like telephone wires hence the name!


2. Man bun aka Joora:  A hair style that I think Arjun looks adorable in but as his hair is still quite short, it isn’t one that he does often.  This involves a little bun at the top of the head.  How adorable is it?!


3. Patka: This is typically done on boys with a little more hair than Arjun where a bun is tied at the top of the head and a small piece of cloth is used to wrap around the head and the bun. Check out Aval posing with his patka on :).


4.  Pig tails: Boys with pig tails look absolutely adorable.  They exude some kind of innocence with their hair bunched back! How cute does Aarav B look?

Aarav B

5. Pugh: These kiddos melt my heart! Donning the Sikh crown at such a young age is so admirable. A pugh makes their little cheeks look even cuter! How adorable does Bachittar Singh look?!

Bachittar Singh

6. Clip: Good ol’ kirby grips or snap clips often do the trick if you still want to showcase your little one’s gorgeous head of hair.  I often pin Arjun’s hair back to push it out of his eyes. Imaan looking gorgeous with his hair pinned back at the side below!



7. Fountain: Like a pony tail but on the very top of the head. Forget the fountain, how cute are Ekaras’ cheeks!?


8. Ramaal: A ramaal is a piece of material that is used to tie around the head, like a bandana.  It’s different to a patka as a bun doesn’t need to be tied and it isn’t wrapped around the head in the same way. Here’s Arjun enjoying his langar at Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji’s samagam where he managed to keep his ramaal on!


9. Pony tail: Exactly what it says on the packet!  There’s the signature side pony and also the top pony. Here’s happy Aval wearing a side pony..


10. A headband: doesn’t Kulpreet look like an adorable mini Argentinean football player?!


11. Free spirits: And some boys just rock their natural state! … Curly, straight, full of volume, slick!


Aarav P



Aarav B



How do you keep your son’s long locks?x

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  1. 1

    This is so flipping cute! I love his locks. I have tried most of these styles on Penelope too, she has lots of hair at 16months 😂👶🏻👏🏼 my husband has hair to his waist too! It’s pretty hair crazy in our family! 🙂 love this post! X

  2. 3

    I just love Arjun’s locks and all those other boys are rocking long hair. I’ve been hemming and hawing about cutting Alex’s hair but I’d miss his curls too much. No scissors is going near it for now, especially after seeing your post. Xx

  3. 5

    Oh my goodness I love all these little cuties! It’s wonderful to learn about why Sikh makes keep their hair long, I learnt something new today. I especially love the Argentinian footballer headband. Very beckhamesque 😉 thank you for coming back to #coolmumclubx MMT

  4. 6
    Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

    Arjuns luscious locks are gorgeous!!! I love them. Such an interesting read. I didn’t know any of the religious reasons and I think it’s wonderful. I’m loving all the hairstyles these lovely boys are rocking xx #babybrainmonday

  5. 10

    I love the beautiful long locks Sikh boys hair – so lush, and actually rather quite jealous! Wouldn’t mind a barnet like that for my own haha #BabyBrainMonday

  6. 14
    Silly Mummy

    Arjun has lovely hair! They all look so cute. The joora and the patka are always what I remember Sikh boys I went to school with usually having, but love all the different options. #babybrainmonday

  7. 15
    Ella @ Breaking up with contraception

    Hi Harps,
    Despite having struggled with what to do when growing out a very dodgy mullet (Tony & Guy training school. £10. Never again), I’d never really thought of managing that tricky in between stage for boys. Love these styles – especially the headband & the brilliantly named telephone wires. The kids are all such cuties too.
    Thanks for hosting Baby Brained Monday.
    Ella x

  8. 18
    The Housewife

    I can only wish that my children had this much hair! I have no clue what happened!!! I love your photographs and I now know the differences between proper terms for hair accessories. Thanks for hosting #BabyBrainMonday 💞

  9. 19
    Stacey Leigh Nunwa

    I loved this post, my husbands family are Sikh but my husband knows not as much as he should so I love reading this. I love love these hairstyles, Jacobs hair is all over the place and he sometimes has the man bun. I love the headband and the telephone wires! Jacob has the messy hair and the clip. But I would try the rest, great post x

  10. 21
    Helen - Mess Stress and Fancy Dress

    I haven’t cut my 2 year old sons hair for the simple reason that it looks bloody gorgeous! These little ones look unquestionably adorable. I love every last photo! I am sick of people asking me when I plan to cut his hair and if I think he looks like a girl. to which the answers are clearly – I don’t know, and absolutely not. It does keep getting in his eyes though…. loving the topknot! #babybrainmonday

  11. 22
    Trista, Domesticated Momster

    My son would never let his hair grow out! Even if I wanted him to. He is just like his older brother and his daddy…short hair almost military style…only no one has been in the military. Thanks for hostessing the fab #BabyBrainMonday.

  12. 24

    Look at their gorgeous hair and Arjun’s curls! Such beautiful curls. I never knew about the different hairstyles in the Sikh tradition- I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for hosting #BabyBrainMonday!

  13. 27

    Ah people have mistaken Arjun for a girl before but I don’t let it bother me! Easy mistake. They look adorable with long hair don’t they?!x

  14. 28
    Mudpie Fridays

    Aww I love Arjun’s lovely locks they are adorable, as are all the other kiddies you have mentioned in this post :). I was desperate for Monkey to have a head of curly hair (as his dads is a bit that way) but alas he got my fine, flat hair so we’ve had it cut from about 15 months :(. Maybe next time round! Thanks for hosting #babybrainmondays xx

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