Singapore & Bali with a Toddler – The Packing List!

Singapore & Bali with a Toddler – The Packing List!

Hello all,


I thought I’d share an updated holiday packing list given Arjun is no longer a baby so my previous ones may not be as applicable! Also, this was our first holiday travelling for 2 weeks and the luggage limit meant I really had to be sensible with my choices. I was a little more relaxed with his clothing packing this time (although it may not seem it! Haha!), because I’m a lot more confident based on the holidays (Dubai x 2 and the Maldives) we’ve had with Arjun.

Here’s what we packed for our 2 week holiday to Singapore and Bali!


Hand Luggage:

  • Baby Zen YoYo – I love this buggy, it folds up in to hand luggage size which means it doesn’t get bashed about with the check in luggage. It also means we can keep Arjun in his buggy till we reach the plane. Arjun’s quite happy to be in his buggy and used it more on this holiday than any other.  Probably because he was tired from all the running around!


Skip Hop Monkey Bag (Nappy Bag)

Instead of our usual change bag, I opted for a much smaller option as I felt it would be a lot easier to carry during our travels. I’m so glad I made this decision because it really helped not having to lug a large change bag around!

skip hop monkey

In our make shift change bag, I included the following items:

  • 5 nappies
  • Vaseline
  • Metanium (just incase!)
  • Nappy bags
  • Change mat
  • A change of clothes in the front pocket
  • Water beaker in the side slot


We also took a Trunki as our hand luggage for Arjun. We purchased the bright green Trunkisaurus Rex version for £35.99.  As mentioned in my “Singapore & Bali with a Toddler – The Flights” post, I had my doubts about the Trunki  and I’ve explained those here although Arjun absolutely loved it!


In the Trunki we packed the following:

  • An extra change of clothes
  • A babygrow
  • A toy sack which included a chalk board, pencil case with crayons and chalk, a colouring book, building bricks, a soft football, 2 stacking cups, a toy car and a soft turtle
  • Arjun’s snack box – brilliant as it was used throughout the holiday.



  • Thin blanket – we didn’t end up using this as we were given one on the flight.
  • iPad – We also took the iPad but carried that in Preetam’s carry on luggage.  The iPad was barely used – I’d taken it as the surprise toy hoping that Arjun would be entertained for hours, I was quickly disappointed! He wasn’t interested at all!

Check in Luggage:


I was particularly paranoid about packing for Bali. I was so worried Arjun would get bitten by a mosquito, or that he’d fall sick and there’d be no immediate medical attention. He’d been really poorly a few days prior to our departure and had his first ambulance trip. It was really scary and we weren’t sure we were even going to still go away. But he’d perked up by the time we were due to fly out. I’d packed everything I thought I’d need just incase! But actually our hotel was brilliant and an onsite 24/7 doctor was available. Here’s what we packed anyway:

  • Baby talc – just incase he developed any rash around his neck from the extra heat.
  • Calpol – especially as he was so unwell the few days prior to us departing.
  • Nurofen
  • Piriton
  • Thermometer
  • Anbesol – he was having a bout of teething so I knew we’d need this!
  • Ashtons & Parsons teething granules
  • Mosquito repellent – I used the Boot’s own brand and was so happy with it. He didn’t get bitten once even though the rest of us faced multiple bites!
  • Calamine lotion – I had this left over from when Arjun had chicken pox and read that it was also good for sunburn. Thankfully we didn’t need it for Arjun but I did end up using it!

We didn’t end up actually using any of the above items apart from the last 2 however I’d still pack them just incase.

Nappy Changing:

  • 75 nappies – we pretty much used up all of these. If we had run out, it wouldn’t have been an issue as Bali Collection was right next door to our hotel and they had ample supplies of nappies!
  • Nappy bags
  • Wipes – we took 4 packs as we also used wipes during meal times. We ended up using 3 packs. In hindsight I could have taken less and bought more from Bali Collection if I’d needed them.

Swimming and Bathtime:

  • Baby Swim Float – Arjun spent a lot of time pushing this around but also enjoyed sitting in it. It’s definitely a must with a baby on holiday! We also ended up purchasing arm bands for him while away. Although he wasn’t comfortable with us letting go of him, it was a step closer to water independence!


  • Zoggs Kids Seal Flips Swim ToyEdit – there were great as swim toys. They were new to his water toy collection and he had lots of fun throwing them and catching them. When you blow on them, they flip over. The pack comes with 5 little spaceship shaped toys and were a great buy.


  • Hairbrush – we never used this as his curls are too thick to brush over, a comb is what we used.
  • Haircomb
  • Baby wash – I took a head to toe wash which we use here in the UK
  • Face cream – we didn’t end up needing to use this but i took it just incase he suffered with any dryness due to the heat
  • Swim nappies – I only took one pack assuming he’d only spend half an hour to an hour in the pool each day as he has done on pervious holidays to Dubai and the Maldives. However, in Bali he was in the pool for up to 5 hours a day! We ended up using up our swim nappies on the last day and unfortunately there weren’t any available at Bali Collection. Definitely take enough of these if travelling to Bali.
  • Sunscreen – the highest factor I could find though he’s more tanned than any of us!
  • Swimwear x 3– we probably could’ve gotten away with just the 2 but we had them so took them anyway. One of the swimsuits came with a matching swim hat. The other 2 we used regular sun hats with.
  • Sun hat x 2 – he doesn’t often like wearing hats, so I didn’t go crazy. We used the 2 we did take, mainly in the pool.
  • Swim towel x 1 – we took the one but didn’t end up using it much other than to pat his face dry as it was so warm and he dried off real quick.
  • Mickey Mouse beach bag – this goes everywhere with us and houses our camera, poolside nappy changing bits, swim toys and poolside baby snacks
  • Bath towel x 1 – I normally would’ve taken at least 2 of these, but due to the restricted lugguague allowance, I could only take the 1. We ended up washing it while there.
  • Nail cutter – definitely a must when away for 2 weeks!
  • Cotton buds
  • Massage oil – especially essential after a day in the pool in the sun!
  • Toothbrush
  • Colgate



  • Ready made formula x 35 cartons – i couldn’t be dealing with the faff of having to boil a kettle and allowing it to cool so I took ready made cartons. I’m always uncomfortable allowing Arj to drink milk abroad, not sure why though!?
  • Fairy liquid – in a small travel bottle for washing his beakers
  • Weaning bibs x 3 – I took them but he refused to use them which is where the extra wipes came in handy.
  • Ella’s kitchen fruit pouches x 25 – always brilliant as a snack and when on the go. We used about 20 of them.
  • Beakers x 3 – for both milk and water
  • Cutlery – I’d taken a set but we never used it. He ended up using the restaurant spoon or fork, or his hands!


  • Cellular blanket – we didn’t end up using this as Arj slept in our bed with us and used the duvet.
  • Books – I took one book and his masis bought him “That’s not my Monkey” which he read quite a bit


  • SnoozeShade – we didn’t use it at all as we didn’t really use the pram during the day.
  • Pram FanEdit – I took this but forgot to take batteries which was a real shame! In the end we ended up purchasing another one which also had a water mister from Universal Studios to cool Arj down.
  • Giant muslins x 2- I took these to use as a cover up if we went for a wakl on the beach after breakfast like we used to in Dubai. We didn’t end up doing logn walks on the beach so didn’t use the muslins at all.
  • Insect Pram Net – we didn’t end up using this at all as the mosquito repellent on Arj’s clothes was enough. I also don’t thin he would’ve taken too well to a net over his buggy as he loves to see what’s going on around him!


  • Vests x 7 – didn’t use any of these
  • Rompers x 8 – we used all of these
  • Babygrows x 10 – we used all of these for bedtime. I decided to take babygrows as opposed to pyjamas to ensure his top didn’t ride up during the night increasing the risk of mosquito bites. I quickly learnt that Arjun hates having his feet covered though!
  • Shorts x 8 – we used 5 out of the 8 pairs
  • T shirts x 10 – we used 9 out of the 10 some of which we used to model mummy’s new kid’s fashion line! 🙂

IMG_7343.JPG IMG_7268.JPG IMG_7012.JPG

  • Polo shirts x 5 – we used 2 out of the 5
  • Long sleeve tops x 3 – we used 2 out of the 3 for flights
  • Socks x 6 – we used 3 pairs for flights
  • Hoody x 1 – we used this for the flights
  • Long sleeved vests x 5 – we used 1 for the return flight back to the UK
  • Joggers x 2 – we used both for lounging and the filghts
  • Sleeveless vests x 4 – we used 1 as it was too hot to leave his shoulders exposed
  • Leggings x 5 – he wore these on the flights



  • Swim sandals – I got these from next and they ended up being such a great buy. I didn’t realise how much he’d be running around. The floor was super hot so this was a great way to protect his little tootsies and they dried up pretty quick.
  • Havaianas – he didn’t wear these
  • Next strap on sandals – he wore these everyday
  • Adidas trainers – he wore these twice
  • Clarks shoes – he wore these at the airport

Other bits:

  • Laundry sacks – I always take these from home although hotels do provide them. I separated all our clothes in to darks and whites so it was easy for me to get the washing done when we got home.
  • Cellotape – It’s a “thing” I have, cellotape always has to be at the ready! I use it for all sorts like sealing bottles shut when coming back home – the last thing I need is leaked make up all over our clean clothes!
  • Scissors – again, something that has to be at the ready and always comes in super handy!


Are there any other bits that you’d add?x



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