Sleep Fighter! … The Struggles of a New Mum Whose 5 Month Baby Refuses to Sleep!

So Arjun is almost 6 months old (on Boxing Day!) and I’ve found the last couple of days he’s fighting his sleep more than usual (he’s always been a fighter). Has anyone else found this around this age? Where before he would settle down for his naps himself, now it can take up to an hour to settle him.  Bed time is a-whole-nother story! The other night, it took us almost four hours to get him down! His teething cry is different to his “Mummy I’m knackered” cry – I’ve found once he’s passed the overtired line, it’s all over!!  Google will probably tell me that it’s because he’s approaching a developmental milestone – I wonder if it’s really true or if its sprawled all across the web to comfort us mothers when things seem to go pear shaped! I’m hoping this is just a passing phase! The joys of motherhood 🙂

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