Snuggle Up Original Nursing Pillow Review & Giveaway

Snuggle Up Original Nursing Pillow Review & Giveaway

There are definitely a few pregnancy related things that I enjoy even outside of pregnancy! Maternity leggings and pregnancy pillows being some of them! 

I remember when I was pregnant with Arjun, I tried several different pregnancy pillow styles and struggled to find one that really gave me the support and comfort I needed with a growing bump and sore shoulders! I assumed the bigger the better (haha!) and started off with the super huge U bolster style ones – it didn’t work! After searching low and high and trying several different ones, I finally found my perfect comfort in a smaller C shaped Nursing pillow for my neck and shoulders and a regular pillow between my knees.  

We were sent the Snuggle Up original pregnancy pillow to review and I instantly fell in love with how soft it was. The neutral beige colour blends in perfectly with our house decor! The colour also hides away subtle stains. The removable cover is easy to unzip and wash when required. The fabric is a soft suede material which provides extra comfort though stains maybe a little harder to get rid of. What I love most about this pillow is it’s softness. The Sensifil filling is not as firm as the other pillows I own resulting in extra comfort. The filling is also anti allergenic which means I feel extra comfortable with Saajan using it! 

I don’t just own one of these bad boys. We own 3! What I love most is the versatility of these bad boys. Here’s what we use ours for: 

1. My pillow
: It’s been over 3 years since I fell pregnant with Arjun and I’m still using a C shaped pillow. I even take it on holiday with me as I’m unable to sleep without. Although it doesn’t provide bump support, it really gives me perfect support around my head and shoulders. I found a regular pillow between my knees coupled with the semi circle pregnancy pillow was the perfect support for optimum sleep especially during pregnancy. 

2. Feeding: it was perfect to position around my tummy with baby lying against me when breast feeding. It really took away some of the tension in my back and helped my posture as baby is elevated. I also use it for bottle feeding to achieve the same position. 

3. Tummy time: both our boys love being on their front on this pillow instead of being flat on their tummies. Saajan often ends up nodding off! 

4. Sitting up: we used this pillow as a support aid when Arjun was first learning to sit up. 

At £25 and available in 7 different colours, this is at the top of my “new mummy must haves” list! It’s definitely my favourite out of my stash! 

What do you use your pregnancy pillow for? 

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: this is a sponsored post either in the form of remuneration or a free product being sent to us for review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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