Softplay at Brentford Leisure Centre

Softplay at Brentford Leisure Centre

My memories of Brentford Leisure Centre are of the wave pool as a little girl. I’d never visited the softplay area and was looking forward to taking Arjun to somewhere new.
We’d been invited to come and review the softplay facilities and kindly the invite was extended to a +1 for both Arj and I. We took along E and her mummy F.

Parking: there was plenty of parking when we arrived at 11am. They also have parent and toddler parking available which is located closer to the entrance – very helpful when you have two inquisitive mobile toddlers in tow! Parking cost £1 for 2 hours.

The soft play gym: There is a special area to allocate your shoes as you enter which is really helpful in ensuring shoes don’t go missing or aren’t trampled on!
The softplay centre is four stories high although not very wide and is recommended for ages 5-11. It includes two slides, a mountain challenge offering lots of climbing opportunity, and a wobbly bridge. The area for older children includes lots of colourful bolsters which are different sizes catering for different heights where the children climb up on to the next floor. Arj and E, after a few assisted turns, managed to climb up themselves with perseverance!

There is a separate toddler area for children aged 2 – 4 years on the ground story which consists of a ball pool, a smaller slide, giant soft play see saws and bish bosh bolsters. Arj and E spent a lot of their time here and their favourite was taking it in turns on the slide whilst bellowing “my turn my turn!” as they did so. Arj also really liked the bish bosh bolsters.

Both kids definitely preferred the smaller slide situated on the ground story to the larger slide situated on the third story although Arjun did decide to make his way up there by himself half way through again

We found everything really clean – the soft play items appeared to be cleaned regularly and we didn’t spot any dirt around either.

Upon entering at first, I thought the AC was on really high till I climbed three stories and realised I’d worked up a sweat! Thank goodness for Aunti F to help Arj when I was too tired! Both kids got the hang of climbing up unaided pretty quick even in the big kids area.

Random animal noises play through the area at intervals. The babies had fun guessing which animal it was “froggy” “monkey”!

We visited on a Thursday morning at 11am and I was expecting it to be really busy given its also school holidays. Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised to find only one other toddler there. I was surprised at how quiet it was however it may have been as it was a hot day. The busiest it got was towards 12pm where there were a maximum of 7 children including ours. The other mummies and babies present were really friendly.

Food wise there is a little cafe located just by reception that serve panini soups and sandwiches, however we decided to venture outdoors as it was a beautiful day!

Needless to say, both babes were absolutely shattered after their fun at the soft play centre! We’ll definitely be visiting again as we loved how quiet it was and that it was in quite a contained area.

Brentford Leisure Centre Softplay opening hours:

Monday-Friday 10:00 – 16:00
Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 11:15

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