The First Step by Mighty Khalsa … My Sikh Roots 

The First Step by Mighty Khalsa … My Sikh Roots 

Wow! I’m so glad we stumbled upon this! Coming from a Sikh family that are heavily involved in the Gurdwara, it matters a lot to me to give Arjun the same beautiful upbringing I had.

I was blessed enough to be born in to a religion that promotes equality, humbleness and humanity. Sikhism is not only my religion, it’s my way of life. I may not practice Sikhi to it’s strictest form but my religion and faith is so dear to my heart and I would love for Arjun to have the same basic teachings that I did.


“The First Step” book is a hardback book with the first pauri (verse) of Japji Sahib (Sikh prayer). Each line is translated in to English in cute simplified baby speak for example “Kartaa Purkh – Vaheguroo made everything. The sky, the stars … And even the toys we play with”. The choice of translation words really helps for kids to relate and learn. I absolutely love it.

The illustrations are brilliant – bright and cheery and they really keep Arjun engaged. I also especially love that all the people in the illustrations are of different races, religions and ethnicities which reflects that Sikhi teaches us to respect all. The book is really well made and will definitely last.


All in all, this is one of my favourite investments because it’s not just any book – it’s a stepping stone for Arjun to be introduced to the basic teachings of our Guru and he absolutely loves it.

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The book cost £6.99 and can be purchased from The First Step. The staff are especially helpful and offer such a friendly and personal service.

For a chance to win your very own copy, share the below image on your social media page and don’t forget to let us know that you’ve shared it! Winner will be announced on Sunday 22nd February 🙂


Would love to know how your babies like this buy. Do share x


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    gurprit Kaur

    My eldest daughter Manroop was gifted this from her massi when she was 1. Now 2 and half she knows her pelhi pauri paarth and loves this book x

  2. 2

    Hey Gurprit! That is so cute! I hope Arjun learns it too once he’s talking! It’s such a thoughtful gift idea compared to the usual toys and clothes isn’t it? Priceless!x

  3. 3

    Harps, this book is fab for little angels. Aarav knows half of his pehli pauri path. It’s very cute when he says Satman instead of Satnaam lol but we are getting good there x

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