The Love Hate Challenge!

The Love Hate Challenge!

Thanks to the lovely Jemma at Living Life Nottingham for nominating me for the love/hate challenge. You basically list ten things you love and hate – the idea is to get to know fellow bloggers better. So here goes! 
1. My boy’s beautiful smile and the sound of his contagious giggle!

2. Hosting parties/events/dinners. Basically any kinda social gathering. 

3. Blogging and all the beautiful people I’ve met through it – I love my followers for riding through my journey of motherhood with me!

4. The smell of petrol. 

5. Roses – the flower (red ones) and the chocolates (purple one) lol 

7. Nutella (in case you didn’t know). Here are some recent Nutella recipes: Nutella Cheesecake, Eggless Nutella Brownies

8. Being on holiday – who doesn’t?! 

9. Socks – I even used to wear them to bed! 

10. God – no explanation needed 

Hates a little bit of a strong word, but these are the things I strongly dislike!:) 
1. People chapping on their food (loudly) with their mouth wide open! Gross! 

2. When any body part touches any surface of a swimming pool – a pretty tough challenge for someone who can’t swim! Haha! 

3. Hair strands on tiled/wooden/basically any hard floor. 

4. Smelly feet. 

5. Unwashed hands after consuming food. Gross!

6. Olives 

7. The unknown

8. Action movies – yawn. 

9. Spiders

10. Mess – tough one to deal with when you have a baby! I’m ok with organised mess though! 
I nominate Beau is Blue, Mummy Bex M and Battle Mum, The Dadventurer to join in x 



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    Mudpie Fridays

    Great lists – yes the mess can relate to that drives me bonkers, on the positive the blogging 🙂 I have also met some lovely people – might be addicted now though 🙂 xx

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