The MAD Blog Awards – What I Wore

The MAD Blog Awards – What I Wore


Oh my goodness! I still cannot believe Baby Brain Memoirs was crowned Best Pre School Blog (OH EM GEE!!!) in the nations largest blogging awards – the MAD
Blog Awards 2016! How crazy?!?! It still all feels so so surreal!

I’ll be writing a separate blog post on the MAD Blog Awards that I attended on Friday night when it’s finally sunk in!

I’ve had lots and lots of questions about my outfit on the night so thought I’d share the details in the mean while!

I searched low and high for a dress for the awards. Knowing I’d be almost six months pregnant and looking pretty “full”, I knew from the start I’d prefer to wear a maxi dress to embrace it all.

I searched several maternity sites (thank you for all the recommendations!) and tried so many Asos dresses to no avail! In the end, I had one last browse before I was really going to give up and I found it! It was a beautiful nude coloured dress with gorgeous work. I didn’t manage to get different angle shots in the dress, so I’ve shared the gorgeous ones from the Asos website! 

It wasn’t actually a maternity dress, I just purchased it in a larger size to cater for my fuller chest and swollen belly! I always imagined myself wearing a dark colour to the awards ceremony but when I saw the dress I just knew (and prayed!) that it was the one depending on whether it’d fit! It did thankfully, like a really tight glove lol. I obviously didn’t rock it as well as the gorgeous slender Asos model but it worked!

The dress had beautiful rose gold embroidery on the bodice at the front and back. It came with a zip which is a must for me to get the best chance of a good fit and the bottom was a flowy net like fabric with lining. I absolutely loved the dress when I saw it and actually also fell in love with the colour – it was something a little different and it meant I could be understated with my jewellery.

It was a little on the pricey side but it’s definitely something I could wear again! It could easily be turned in to an Indian outfit too.

The night before the awards, I lined up all the potential shoe options (all heels)! And I had a little brain wave to try them on to find the most comfortable (function over fashion and all that!). Thank goodness I did! I didn’t realise that my feet had swollen to resemble those of an elephants and I had absolutely NO chance of squeezing my chubby little tootsies and feet in to them let alone be comfortable. I was so disappointed as the dress was long in length! So lucky I decided to check the night before as it meant I had time to take the dress up myself and to decide to wear my trusty Ted Baker flat jelly sandals – such a good decision as I was so so comfortable all night! The last thing I needed was an outfit disaster by tripping up when graciously trying to strut my stuff!

I wore simple ear jacket earrings from Accessorize with my dress – so simple yet a little dressy (thanks for the gift Amrit!) and I wore a dark gold coloured woven clutch bag from Accessorize. I painted my nails a soft pink colour. 

I knew exactly how I wanted my hair and make up – sober colours and a soft wavy hair down do. Paven absolutely nailed it and it turned out exactly how envisaged. She also did a brilliant job at calming my nerves by distracting me – we ended up getting so lost in conversation that I forgot what I was getting ready for! Haha!

 I hope you loved the look as much as I did!x

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