The One Dedicated to Peppa Pig

The One Dedicated to Peppa Pig

Dearest Peppa,

I mean you’re such a big part of our lives, I almost feel like I’m being a mean girl by not dedicating a post to the most annoying pig on the planet!

After watching a ridiculous number of episodes (and memorising many), I honestly have no idea what the sheer fascination with the programme is. Arjun has never been one to be glued to the tele … Till now. When he does his puppy eyes, like butter wouldn’t melt, and says “mummy Puppi pwees”, how can I say no? I’m like a prisoner in my own home thanks to you. 

Let’s start with the negatives so that the post ends with the positives. Silver linings and all that.

The things that really bug me about you Peppa:

1) Your generally unkind ways (especially to little bro George). You’re my son’s number one idol and my number one nightmare at times.

2) Why must you always have your own way every frickin time?


3) Why must your Grandpa use words such as “stupid”. I try my best to curb any swear words all for it to go down the drain when you casually use “silly” and “stupid”. It’s not cool.

4) Why must you answer back? You have the nicest/(pushover) parents, why can’t you just be a good little respectful piggy?

That being said, there’s a lot I’m grateful to you for.

So Peppa if you’re reading, I’m grateful to you for …

1) Assisting with meal times

2) For extending his vocab to include words like “circus” “dinosaur” and “picnic” (And hopefully he has positive selective hearing and won’t pick up words like “stupid”)

3) Teaching my son to pronounce things “properly” (apart from your name – your name is pronounced “Puppi”). 

4) Helping my son perfect a life skill that is learning to roar like a dinosaur

5) Giving me at least half an hour worth of daily peace

6) Teaching my son some important life lessons like ensuring he wears his best wellies when jumping in muddy puddles

7) Introducing all kinds of new interests in Arjun’s life such as fish – it makes planning days out a lot easier but it also means we’ll probably end up with a goldfish named “Goldy” in the near future

8) Teaching him to share … Shame it’s only limited to you and your family!


9) Mastering his oink/snort – never know when that’s going to come in handy!

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about you on the whole but for now, I’ll thank you for the good bits!

This Mummy x

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    Harps Banwait

    This has made me chuckle 😂😂😂 love it!!! At the moment I try and keep my lil one away from tele as he is only 6 months old but seems like I have lots to look forward to in the future!!!

    Ps- he is too cute xx

    Harps x

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