To the mummy by the pool that snapped at her child …

To the mummy by the pool that snapped at her child …

It’s ok, I understand. 

I totally get it. 

You’ve come on holiday, away from home. Maybe it’s been a while and you’d forgotten that the meaning of a “holiday” with a child has changed. Maybe this is your first. 

Maybe you were planning on relaxing without the irritating sound of the iPad blaring in the background. The noisy iPad that’s made you snap. It isn’t really about the iPad, I know. You’re fed up. You’ve probably had a long night, you’re little princess was probably fussy at breakfast, she’s probably refused to nap and is now over tired. I know you’re struggling to find the compassion for your daughter as she screams – because you’ve run out of patience. I know later on when she’s calmed down and flashing you smiles, you’ll probably be consumed by guilt with tears streaming down your pretty face. At that point you’ll remember that she’s just a little human who’s still learning to channel her emotions. Maybe we expect too much from our children and we forget that they’re still small. 

I understand. I’ve been there and I’ll probably be there a hundred more times as will you. It’s ok. The other mummy’s here will probably have felt what you’re feeling but may just not be as vocal as you or me. 

I can see your daughter getting louder and more upset as you show you’ve lost your patience but I can see right now you’re also beyond the point of caring. You’ve had enough. You just want five minutes to yourself. To be able to close your eyes and zone out in peace without the constant whinging (.. And sound of the iPad). Maybe you’re like me – I’ve always been a control freak and used to being able to follow a plan. It doesn’t always work our way with a child does it? They have a mind of their own and feelings and emotions of their own too. 

It doesn’t make you a bad mum, it makes you human. Even the mamas with a constant smile on their face have their moments. We all do. Because we’re human. 

Sending you a big warm hug. I hope you manage to get your five minutes (if not more) of peace and reflect on how blessed you are to have such a beautiful daughter. I hope that was only five minutes of your day and the rest was filled with happy fun filled memories with your little princess. 



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    This is SUCH a great post… Khadija is 15 months old now and the screaming phase is well and truly in full swing. I find myself getting SO flustered and embarrassed at times. I wonder if people are judging me… Reading this has made me so happy that there are “Harps” out there that are actually incredibly compassionate! xxx

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    Great post hun. We’ve all been there and I’m sure there are many more episodes to come in our futures as mums. Wouldn’t it be nice if that mum could read this post to know she’s not alone and that we’re all ending her big hugs to let her know that WE KNOW! xxx

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    So true! I find myself there more often than I should and always feel so guilty! But I guess it’s part and parcel of mummyhood x

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