To the Obnoxious Woman on the Flight Back Home (Flight EY017, Row 4)

To the Obnoxious Woman on the Flight Back Home (Flight EY017, Row 4)

To the woman that aggressively just told my son to “shh be quiet people are sleeping” on the day flight back from Abu Dhabi as you visited your friend behind us. 

How dare you. 

I understand it’s frustrating. 

I understand it’s annoying. 

I understand others are napping …

… But how dare you. 

My son has just as much right as you to be on this plane. We’ve paid for our seats just like you have. 
Apologies my son doesn’t know that adults want to nap during a day flight. That his body clock is set to Abu Dhabi time and actually it’s 7pm in Abu Dhabi right now and 3pm in London so by no time zone recently known to him is it bed time. Do excuse my child for being so amateur in his ability to understand. He’s a baby. He’s done extremely well on this flight in my opinion so screw you. 

And FYI, we deliberately picked a day flight as we felt it would be less disruptive him being awake during the day than during a night flight which was the case when we went to Dubai. So yes we did consider fellow passengers. 

Do you think we haven’t encouraged Arjun to keep his voice down? Do you think I’m enjoying my son making “whooshing” sounds whilst he jumps around while others are napping? At least he’s not crying right? 

He’s happy. 

He’s smiling. 

He’s playing. 

The sound of his laugh is such a beautiful one. How could you react so unkindly? 

He slept for a whole 2.5 hours earlier. Perhaps your schedule should run by his. Just like your expecting his to run by yours? Perhaps YOU and your friend should have slept during that time. 

I wonder if you have children. If you appreciate how difficult it is to control them. If you do have children, have you forgotten? 

When and if I hear you say anything with such a harsh tongue to him again, I’ll be having a polite word. I forgave you this time for your ignorance – when you spoke so rudely to my son, you did so knowing he is unable to defend himself at his tender age. You assumed his daddy couldn’t hear you as he had his headphones on and you assumed I was asleep – what you didn’t realise was, I’m wide awake and heard your malicious piercing ugly voice. With that my blood boiled. 

How dare you. 

When a complete stranger speaks so rudely and with such a sharp tongue towards MY child , a whole new side of me comes out that I didn’t know existed. A side you probably don’t want to see. 

I hope you’re actually not that full of anger on a day to day basis because it must be pretty draining if so. I hope you were just having a bad couple of minutes and my son was at the receiving end. 

And just to be clear; I don’t have a problem with your message, I have a problem with your delivery. 

I hope you have a peaceful remaining flight and I pray that you are blessed with a softer tongue at least with children. 

P.s whoever you came to visit in the seat behind us, feel free to tell them to use the ear plugs provided. They serve a purpose 🙂 


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    I completely understand where that inner mummy rage came from when you overheard that woman reprimand your child.
    I travelled from London to Vancouver when my oldest was nearly two and my youngest was about three months old, my mother in law who was travelling with me ended up with food poisoning. So for the most of the 11 hour flight I was juggling two children and I got the looks. I look back at that now and honestly don’t know how I survived that flight, with endless feelings, nappy changes, my toddler doodling all over the tray table and my poor mother in law who was sick the whole flight.
    The flight staff on our flight was amazing and helped look after dadi ma while she was unwell, so I could attend to the children. They also entertained my oldest that spent the last two hours of the flight running up and down the aisles, stopping to say hello to each and every aisle seat passenger 😁.
    I was lucky as no one said anything to my child, she did receive a few looks when she walked past them and would say hello. However, she wasn’t crying, screaming, or shouting so I felt it was her right to be able to walk up and down the aisles, we had all paid to be on that flight.

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    Oh no that must have been so difficult!:( you’re so brave and well done for getting through! It’s always super difficult travelling with kids so if they’re making a noise but a happy one, I’m not about to stop him! x

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    I know hun, most people that know me, know I have a horrendous temper. I have no idea how I held it together. Perhaps the fear of being arrested when getting off the plane! Ha ha! x

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