Toddler Paw Patrol Theme Room – From Single Bed to Double!

Toddler Paw Patrol Theme Room – From Single Bed to Double!

With a little intruder making his way in to our room every night and all of us getting little to no sleep, we decided it was time to do something about it especially with the news of another little person on the way!

We moved Arjun in to a cot bed when he was a year and a half old as we found he became quite upset and frustrated by being in a confined space. Unfortunately, a single bed with a bed guard just wasn’t enough space for him. He’d often be bothered by hitting in to the side of the bed/bed guard which would wake him fully resulting in him coming in to our room in the middle of the night most nights.

We have a king size bed but with Preetam and I just about fitting in comfortably, it was a tight squeeze with a little toddler who insists on sleeping diagonally or horizontally with little to no consideration for his fellow roomies. Preetam and I would literally sleep hanging off the bed! Our quality of sleep was becoming disrupted and it was beginning to take its toll.

After having a conversation with my cousin sister, we decided to move Arjun in to his new room in to a double bed. I wanted to ensure he moved rooms well in advance of the baby arriving and it felt like the perfect time. I always loved the idea of a cute car shaped bed or one of those other over the top themed beds – right up my street! But I had to be real, it would be a lot more practical, and there was a higher chance of it working better if he was given more space and a double bed sounded sensible. We also figured that if he does wake during the night, Preetam or I could jump in with him. This was especially important when forward thinking for when the baby is here.

Luckily, we already had a double bed in the spare room with a super comfy mattress, all we needed to do was decorate the room to make it feel like his own.

I let Arjun pick what theme he’d like to go for. I did contemplate sticking to clouds or stars, but I gathered that was a tad unfair given those are things I like, not necessarily things he likes plus having a character themed room is part of the fun of being a kid! He chose Paw Patrol and I thought that was a good theme given he loves all things construction which we could easily blend in with a Paw Patrol themed room.

As always, I turned to my trusted sources for everything – eBay and Amazon to spruce up the room! There is definitely no shortage of super cute Paw Patrol themed bedroom décor, I actually struggled to keep it to a minimum! Details on what I went for are included below.

I decorated Arjun’s room while he was at nursery to surprise him and to say he was ecstatic is an understatement! He absolutely loved it and was shrieking with excitement! He needs any excuse to show people his new room and likes to spend time in there himself.

I also moved Arjun’s favourite toys in our toy storage baskets in to his room. He absolutely loves his room and now refers to the nursery as “the baby’s room”.

 Rubble night light: although this doesn’t give off anywhere enough light to keep him settled (he’s afraid of the dark), it’s a nice little touch.  

Paw Patrol character wall decals: I purchased a character each and scattered them around the mirror. Arjun loves pointing to them and calling their names. 

Paw Patrol String Lights: I used these to decorate around the mirror. They add a really soft touch when it’s bed time and we put the lights out and lie with Arjun till he falls asleep. 

Paw Patrol Pawsome Double Duvet: I love how fun and vibrant this set is. It’s also reversible to change things up!

Paw Patrol racer toys: Arj was pretty excited when he saw these! They were an absolute bargain and such a great buy. 

Paw Patrol large wall decal: we placed this behind Arjun’s bed. You can select three different sizes. I love the impact it has. 

Paw Patrol Pawsome Kids Beanbag: when I was littl even, I was mad about my bean bag. They’re the cosiest things ever! Arjun often sits on his when playing or reading. 

Paw Patrol mini plush: again, an absolute bargain. I really liked these ones as they had the window suckers on so I could attach to the mirror to keep them safe. Arjun kisses them good night every evening! 

Paw Patrol cushions: again, a nice touch to soften the room. 

It’s safe to say Arjun loves his new room. Although he doesn’t fall asleep there by himself, he’s a lot happier and it seems to be working better for us. Most days he toddles in to our room by 5am but by that time Preetam and I are desperate for cuddles after a decent nights sleep!  


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