Tonight My First Born Melted My Heart | Pregnancy

Tonight My First Born Melted My Heart | Pregnancy

Tonight Arjun melted my heart. I’m lying in my bed, feeling the soft kicks of my unborn baby and hearing the soft snores of my little monkey from the room next door feeling so blessed and content but with tears streaming down my face (pregnancy hormones!).

Tonight at bedtime Arjun summoned both Preetam and I to sleep at either side of him. We both lay next to him as he babbled in his half sleep state. The world sort of paused for that precious moment. Although I have lots of Baby Brain Apparel orders to process and Preetam has lots of paperwork, it could all wait. He isn’t going to ask for us to put him to bed forever.

I didn’t really think about why he wanted us both there. He was in a really sleepy state but babbling nevertheless (definitely my boy!). He started talking about “Arjy’s baby” – I watched him as he lay there with a beaming smile on his face with his eyes shut talking about his baby brother or sister. I’ve never seen him look so content and fulfilled – I welled up. I didn’t really think he thought much about the baby outside of when we bring it up. To hear him speak about “his” baby with such happiness melted my heart. 

As he spoke about the baby, he mentioned random words like parks and aeroplanes. It felt like he was contemplating his future with a sibling. How beautiful. To think someone so tiny can process some of what is happening. We’ve tried to involve him as much as possible in the baby news and have also tried to be his pillars of support as he adjusts to the change.

Tonight, it was clear he summoned us both not only to talk about his sibling as a family, not only to share his excitement with us, but he was also seeking comfort from us both. He asked Preetam to tap his back and put his dinky little arm around my neck. He fell asleep with happy thoughts in the comfort of our presence.

My precious boy, how will I ever love another human being as much as I love you?



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