Tutti Bambini GC35 Glider Chair Product Review (Nursing/Rocking Baby Chair)

Tutti Bambini GC35 Glider Chair Product Review (Nursing/Rocking Baby Chair)

Hello all,

I hope you’re all well! We had a really rocky night and I’m feeling absolutely exhausted this morning.  We have a long day planned ahead of us but I thought I’d take the opportunity to write up my review on my favourite item of furniture – the Tutti Bambini GC35 glider chair whilst Arjun naps! The chair also comes with a footstool.


We purchased this chair on Amazon for £137.99 on offer and it was delivered the next day as we have Amazon Prime. It’s currently still on a reduced offer at £154.04 from £179.99 on Amazon: GC35 Glider Chair & Stool – White

The chair and footstool were easy to assemble (according to my husband) and took approxmately 20 minutes (he is a pretty good handy man though!).

This has got to be one of my most favourite buys for so many reasons!

Firstly I love it because it comes in such a variety of different colour combinations both wood finish and cushion pads.  This means you can find something to suit the mood of the room that you’ll be placing it in.  We have kept our rocking chair in our bedroom so opted for the white option as our bedroom is a mixture of cream, white and beech furniture so this fits in perfectly.  I found this colour also blends in to the room and isn’t too intrusive.


The colour combinations available … We went for white (bottom far right)



Secondly, the soft padded cream cushions are oh so comfortable!  I often found myself falling asleep whilst rocking Arjun to sleep. I tried and tested a few other rocking chairs prior to going for this one, and they all felt so rigid and uncomfortable.  The cushions can also be dry cleaned which is great as we have had a milk spillage or ten in the past!  The soft glide motion is very relaxing and works very smoothly.  The only thing I’d say is that over the last month or two it’s started creaking a little.  But I find that continuous sound sometimes helps Arjun to fall asleep! Haha!

Thirdly, because of the way this chair is designed, it can be used for multi functional purposes.  I used this chair for nursing in the beginning as the soft arm rests made it very comfortable to do so. There are three reclining positions which meant I could use whatever position felt comfortable at that time to feed. It’s super easy to change the position by lifting up the arm rests and adjusting forwards or back. The different reclining positions also means I often use this chair to rock Arjun to sleep. As he’s gotten taller, he really doesn’t like his feet being restricted when trying to put him to sleep (that means sitting up is out as he has super long legs!), the most reclined position means that you can achieve a position that is comfortable for the both of us without his feet being restricted. We sometimes use this chair to read to Arjun too.  We also use this chair to take pictures of Arjun though I’m sure it’s not specifically designed for that purpose! Haha!


Fourthly, this chair comes with two large side pockets for storage.  We use it to store books on one side and muslins and bibs on the other.  This was especially useful for when Arjun was having night feeds when I was half asleep! Everything I needed to feed was kept in the side pocket.

IMG_3476 3

This chair has solid wooden sides and in the base of the chair and stool.  When Arjun is crawling and walking, I would have to be a little careful as I’m sure he’d find a way to trap a baby limb in to it somehow!

I will definitely be keeping this chair out for the foreseeable future as I often use it for non baby reasons! It’s so comfortable and relaxing, I often sit and watch TV on it or use it when on my laptop (e.g. now!).

I recommended this chair to my cousin who has very recently just had a baby, and she also messaged me echoing my views on how comfortable the chair is.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful! If you have any questions, let me know x


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    A comfortable place to sit is nice, be in rocker, chair, or bed. With my first I really liked having a comfortable place to nurse. He never needed rocking and just nursed to sleep. With my second, I nursed everywhere and anywhere, usually on the bed, and didn’t really miss the chair. She really like the exercise ball a lot.

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