UDI Vegetarian Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins, Bagels & Pizza Base Review

UDI Vegetarian Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins, Bagels & Pizza Base Review

Hello all,

When I was contacted by Michelle at UDI’s to review some of their gluten free range, I wasn’t going to say no! Firstly, food is one of my biggest passions (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and secondly, I often opt for gluten free breads as I struggle to digest too much wheat without feeling awful afterwards.

I was super excited when I received my special delivery in the post which consisted of freshly baked gluten free chocolate chip bagels, freshly baked gluten free chocolate chip muffins and gluten free pizza base. When I opened the box, it smelt amazing!

You can purchase all these products from Tesco and all leading supermarket chains.

I’m always a little apprehensive about trying gluten free goods as I always assume they won’t taste as good as the real deal .. Here are my thoughts on the products I was sent.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins


I love a bit of chocolate cake so was looking forward to trying these!

They looked delicious and fluffy in texture and as we split open the packet, they smelt divine!

They were surprisingly better tasting than a regular chocolate chip muffin. They were really moist although the texture wasn’t as fluffy as a regular muffin, it was a little more dense like with many gluten free products.

The double chocolate chips were a chocoholics dream as they made the cake taste even more rich and dreamy.

Overall, we really liked this product and would recommend it to those with a big sweet tooth!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Bagel 


Arjun decided to join in with the review of these – the little monkey helped himself to a bagel before we knew it! He pretty much had one every other day till they were finished! He definitely loved them. Pre warning, the chocolate goes everywhere, so be armed with wipes if your little one likes to walk around with food in their hands whilst snacking!


These were dense in texture compared to a normal bagel and although they tasted different, they didn’t taste bad. I had my first one with a cuppa without toasting and it tasted similar to a fruit cake with chocolate chip – not too sweet, just right.
The second time, Preetam and I both had one which we toasted – I had mine with Nutella (obviously!) and he had his with peanut butter. They taste a lot nicer when toasted and topped. I didn’t feel lethargic and bloated after eating these like I do with regular bagels.

All in all, these were a hit in our home and we managed to get through two packets in 8 days between the three of us!
Gluten Free Pizza Base

As most of you will probably know, pizza is one of my most favourite foods so I was super excited to try this. I decided to save it for a rainy day when I was craving comfort food and that day was last Wednesday!

The process for this dough seemed pretty straight forward. Four easy steps! I could do this!

The instructions tell you to mix the dough using a mixer. I tried using a hand blender which was probably not the smartest idea I’ve come up with as it didn’t really work.
In the end I ended up using my hands. This seemed to work better as the heat from my hands helped mould and mix the dough.

The dough didn’t smell as appetising as regular pizza dough but I persevered anyway. It smelt a little like plasticine (it wasn’t an unpleasant smell).
As I followed the instructions, the dough didn’t come out as I’d have expected, I used a little more water to knead till it came out to a dough like consistency.

I tried to then roll out the dough on the work surface but failed as it began to break apart when I tried to transfer. I decided to roll out straight on to the pizza trays after lining with baking paper – this worked perfectly. I used my fingers to smooth out the sides.

I set the bases aside and placed a damp tissue over the top before keeping in a warm place for 40 minutes as per the instructions.

Once I’d put the toppings on (sundried tomato paste, red onion, pepper, sweet corn and mushroom topped with cheese and tomato) and placed in the oven I was a little apprehensive about how this was going to turn out to be honest!
As the pizza cooked, the house was filled with a delicious aroma. It smelt amazing!

I was so pleasantly surprised by how this turned out. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve made at home and although the texture of the dough felt dense, it was really light and easy to digest. It wasn’t soggy or moist, it cooked through really well.

If you like a crispy base, I’d recommend leaving the pizza in the oven for ten minutes once it’s cooked.

One box makes approximately 3 12″ pizzas. Preetam and I ended up eating a whole one to ourselves as it was so easy to digest!

This was definitely my favourite product out of the three I was asked to review and I would highly recommend it – especially for a bargain price of £3.00 (Tesco).

I’m so glad to have found a pizza base that doesn’t leave me feeling lethargic – I can now eat my favourite food without writing the whole evening off after!

I have teamed up with UDI to host a fab giveaway! Free food = win win!
Would you love to win this gluten free hamper full of delicious goodies?! It’s super quick and easy, you can find out more details here.
Disclosure: This product was received to review. All my opinions and beliefs about this product are honest and my own. This blog is solely written and edited by me. Harps x

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