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Vileda Windomatic Review | Home 

With two dogs, a mucky toddler and a new baby, our house is going to be pretty chaotic! I’m totally not ready for it but I’ve done my best to put mini measures in place to help me manage things! When I was contacted by Vileda to review their Windomatic, I was hopeful that that was something that could be added to my list of “make my life easier things”!

Arjun loves touching mirrors and we have a lot of them in our house! All our wardrobes have mirrored doors. Bruno, our existing dog, is a professional window licker except the aftermath isn’t so professional! Now that we have two dogs (our latest addiction is another Rottweiler called Bella), two sets of doggy tongues and two sets of doggy paws, It’ll be no surprise when our windows and internal doors are going to need a lot more TLC than even before! Maybe bifold doors weren’t such a good idea?!

As you may or may not know, I’m currently living with my parents while our home renovation gets completed so I thought I’d test this little beauty out here. I’m so glad I did as it’s given me so much relief that I have a quick and easy way to mop up after Arjun and the dogs when required. Something to maintain my new house efficiently and easily!

Here’s my full review:

What is the Vileda Windowmatic?

“The Vileda Windomatic Cordless Window Vacuum cleaner is a quick and easy way to provide a streak-free finish after washing windows, for removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills.”

What is the battery life like?

I put the device on charge for a few hours before testing. It’s recommended that it’s charged for at least 6 hours before use but it worked perfectly fine and the battery still hasn’t died. Once the battery is finished, it takes 6 hours to fully charge – you know it’s fully charged when the green light comes on.

How big is the water tank?

The water tank has a 100ml capacity. I did two doors (inside and out) and a door sized mirror and the tank barely had anything in it so I imagine it would last quite a while.

How easy is it to use? 

So simple! So efficient! So effective! After each use, empty the water reservoir and rinse and leave to dry or clean with a cloth.

How did we find it?

After you have washed your window/mirror with a window cleaning solution (I used soapy water), the light weight and low noise windomatic works like a hand vacuum to suck up the solution.

The vacuum comes with a rubber lip that squeegees your window to leave a streak-free finish. The way in which the rubber lip engages with the surface is so tight that you only need to run it down once making it very efficient. The results are brilliant on all the surfaces I tested the product on as you can see below.

I used an up to down motion and when it came to the bottom of the surface, I used a horizontal motion from left to right or right to left. What I loved about the vacuum is that you don’t have to run over the same area twice. It’s suction is so powerful and well made that the water sucks straight up leaving 0 streaks and no additional need to clean. There are no streaks left at the side of the rubber lip either which I was pleasantly surprised about.

Although it’s flexible neck reaches most corners and edges, I did find that on PVC doors, I needed to use a towel to wipe down the edges where I had difficulty in getting to them. But to be honest I didn’t try very hard!

It’s important that you scrub the windows using a sponge/cloth as the Windomatic isn’t designed to remove dirt, more to remove water and leave your windows and similar surfaces with a streak free finish.

I can imagine this device can be used on several surfaces similar to that of a window or mirror such as our microwave which has a glossy finish.

I decided to test three different surfaces with varying different marks.

1. The garden door
There were several finger prints on the door and it hasn’t been cleaned in a while (!). 



2. The mirror by the dog bed
As you can see, there were several grimy marks on the mirror courtesy of the dog post park walks. 



3. The patio door from the lounge to the office conservatory
Most of these little marks are courtesy of Arjun and the dog.



To clean two doors on both sides and a door sized mirror it took me less than twenty minutes from start to finish and the outcome was brilliant. There were 0 streaks on any of the surfaces and it was really quick to use. Arjun also had lots of fun in assisting me!

I would highly recommend the Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner at £49.99. 

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post either in the form of remuneration or a free product being sent to us for review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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