Thank You God

Thank You God

Many people have asked me “what makes you happy?”. I think I’m quite a pessimist by nature and answering that question has often left me stumped and feeling really rubbish given I have so much to be grateful for.

As I sit here in Perissa, Santorini with my two boys on a black sandy beach with the glorious sun beaming, Mother Nature taking her course making music with the beautiful waves crashing against the shore in rhythm , a breath taking view and a beautiful breeze blowing to keep me cool on my sun lounger, I can hear the beautiful sound of Arjun laughing hysterically. His innocence with the dangers that something so beautiful can pose as he fights the protective embrace of his daddy to throw himself in, the fascination with life’s simple pleasures and mother natures beauty – all the things we take for granted. I watch my husband that was so stressed and uptight with juggling so much just a few days ago, play with Arjun like his worries and stresses have been lifted. Like this is his sole purpose in life. Watching such a tiny person have such a big hold over a 6ft 4 giant is amazing to me. 

The last few months have been somewhat challenging and I’ve struggled at times to find a happy place. Being away from the stresses and struggles of daily life has perhaps given me the chance to reflect. Or the chance to give Arjun a space where mummy and daddy are focused on each other, him and us.

Watching my two boys in the sea, bouncing up and down riding the waves and squealing with excitement is what makes me happy. So much so that it’s made me cry. I sit here with a big smile and tears streaming rolling off my big cheeks as I’m overwhelmed by emotion. How lucky am I? How lucky are we? What more beautiful sound is there than that of your child laugh from the pit of their belly? The little sparkle in his eye, the excitement in his tiny voice and the view of him tipping his tiny head back as he laughs so hard with his hero – his daddy.

That’s what makes me happy. Seeing my most beautiful and innocent trophy, happy. Seeing the two men in my life sharing so much love and doting on each other with no stress or tension. 
Thank you God for blessing me with everything I could ever have wished for. 





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