What’s in my Change Bag?

What’s in my Change Bag?

Hello all,

I’ve been meaning to write this post for MONTHS! But just haven’t got around to doing so. As I was packing Arjun’s bag for tomorrow I thought I’d do this post at the same time 🙂 

Arjun is now 15 months old. 

The change bag: I’m absolutely obsessed with this change bag. After searching low and high, four change bags later (including a skip hop one and an Armani one) and a few pennies shorter,  I finally came across this one. 

I first saw this change bag when my cousin had her baby boy, it immediately caught my attention as it seemed a lot bigger than the others I’d had. 

Bhavan was happy for me to have a snoop around her Costanzo Enrico change bag for me to see if it fit my bill, and it did! I ordered it there and then (with her permission of course! – she may not have wanted a bag twin!!) and was so pleasantly surprised at its bargain price of £29.99 for an 8 piece change bag and thanks to Amazon Prime my new purchase arrived the next day and I haven’t looked back since! Based on the price I wasn’t sure that the quality would be amazing but it hasn’t failed me yet (touch wood!). 

I use several of the additional pieces that come with the change bag including the nappy pouch organiser, baby mat, padded shoulder strap. It also comes with a baby bottle holder and a wet bag. 

The bag has two zipped side pockets, two front deep pockets which also include a Velcro flap, a large back zipped pocket, an internal large zipped pocket and two elasticated internal pockets. The number of pockets is perfect for what I need and I’m sometimes left with a spare pocket. 

You can purchase the change bag from here

I’m able to fit all of Arjun’s items, a change of clothes for him plus basic make up for me as well as my purse, phone and keys. 
Here’s what’s in my change bag … 

Nappy changing
: I use the nappy pouch organiser to hold the baby change mat, Vaseline, metanium (in case he gets nappy rash while we’re out – especially while teething), nappy bags, 2 nappies. I usually keep a few spare nappies at the bottom of the change bag in addition. 

I keep this pouch in the main internal section of the bag. I keep the wipes in this section too but outside of the nappy pouch organiser for easier access in case I need to mop Arjun up after eating. 


: I usually take a selection of snacks which can include Organix baby crisps (in a little container to stop them from breaking), breadsticks, raisins (Arjun’s favourite), Ella’s Kitchen pouches. I usually keep disposable bibs too. 

I keep these in the back large zipper pocket of the change bag for quick access. 



Water: I keep Arjun’s sippy cup in one of the front Velcro pocket of the change bag so it’s easy to access. 



Medicine: I keep a basic first aid kit, Calpol, Nurofen, Ashtons and Parsons teething granules and Anbesol teething gel. I also carry a travel bottle of sunscreen during the summer. 

I keep this in a freezer bag in case of stickiness in an inside elasticated pocket. 


: I rotate the toys that I take for Arjun every so often. I carry his toys in a little drawstring toy pouch that I sewed for him. I used different fabric textures and colours so that he could touch and feel as well as learn colours too. The drawstring makes it easy for him to access his toys himself. 

As well as toys I also carry toy rings and a toy tie in case I need to attach a toy to a high chair for example when out at a restaurant. 

I keep this pouch in the main internal section of the bag.



: when out and about I find it easier to take ready made formula to save me the hassle of locating cows milk when out in public. I always pack two SMA cartons – one for his snack at 3pm and one just before bed at 7.30pm. 

I keep these cartons in one of the side zip pockets. 



Change of clothes: I saw a video on YouTube a little while ago about an efficient way of packing baby clothes and was reminded of it by my blogging buddy Suz over at Beau is Blue.  It goes like this…

The super cute clothes above are from our favourite baby clothes supplier Fred and Noah.
I keep his change of clothes in the main internal section of the bag. 

If I know I will be staying out past bedtime, I also pack a night suit which I put in the second side zipped pocket. 



My bits n bobs: I carry some make up and toiletries in a little pouch including hair brush and comb, eyeliner, blusher, contact lenses, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, tissues and anti bac wipes. I also carry a few rubber bands for Arjun’s hair and some hair grips. I use this make up stash if I ever stay at my parents too. 

I keep this in the other elasticated pocket. 
I also carry a phone charger and some cash in the internal zipper pocket of the bag. 


The really important stuff
: I keep my phone, purse and keys in a front Velcro pocket for easier access. 

And there you have it! I manage to cram quite a bit in to my bag. 
What change bag do you use? Do you include any other bits that I may find useful?x


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    What a great tip for packing spare clothes! Thanks! I also pack hand sanitiser, a ready made meal and spoon (I have this fear of the car breaking down near a meal time), some carrier bags to put dirty/wet clothes in and some food bags – there are times when I can’t get to a bin and need to dispose of wipes, half eaten snacks etc so I put them in the food bag until I get to a bin. I also use it if we’re eating out at a restaurant or even at the gurudwara – just to tidy up all the mess and dispose of in one go! But I guess nappy bags do the same thing too. Lastly a pack of tissues as you just never know!!!

    I love the changing bag! My much loved flowery Cath Kidston change bag was swiftly replaced by a Superman bag! So we now have 2 bags depending on who’s taking Sahej out. If we’re all going together then Superman wins.

  2. 2

    Hehe! That’s another reason I picked this bag as we can both use it. Thank you for sharing your fab tips! I use a nappy bag at the moment but could probably do with taking a carrier bag. I’ve also started carrying cutlery as this little monster always wants to feed himself (or attempt to anyway!). Ps I love the name Sahej x

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