Wooden Motorbike Rocking Horse

Wooden Motorbike Rocking Horse

Hello All,


A few people have asked for the details for the motorbike rocking horse that Arjun was playing with in some pictures that I posted on Instagram today.  His lovely Pua Ji and Fufar Ji gifted it to him for his first birthday and he loves it.  Given Arjun’s daddy is a superbike fanatic, this was a brilliant gift for his son as he’s likely to follow in daddy’s footsteps if Preetam has anything to do with it!


It’s very well made with fantastic craftsmanship and is very sturdy – even for our little muscleman!  Arjun has already mastered some of his beginner motorbike skills – he even knows how to lean and rocks/rides single handed! And when he comes off, he often plays with the different parts – it looks like he’s servicing his bike!


I’d highly recommend this for motorbike lovers and their babies!  You can purchase the rocker from here: Wooden rocking horse.




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