You Know You’re an Indian Mum When…

You Know You’re an Indian Mum When…

As passed on by our Mothers, Masi Jis, Mami Jis, Grandmas, Pua Jis, Chachi Jis, Thai Jis, the random aunti at the Gurdwara and any other passing Aunti! … A huge shout out to you all. I love you!

1. Panjeeri (a concoction of nuts and other super foods and stuff) is the best thing since sliced bread – out with the cravings, in with the panjeeri. 


2. Your kid is destined to be a doctor or an investment banker from the moment they’re conceived … All by the age of 11. 


3. You’re a prisoner post birth for 40 days – as if you weren’t physically confined enough whilst heavily pregnant. That means no stepping foot outside of the house. For 40 days. Yep.


4. Apparently eating ghee helps stimulate a smooth labour if ya catch my drift 😉

5. You can never wrap your baby up too warm. Ensure you have ample storage for rajai’s/blankets. Probably my baby brain again but apparently we’re living in the North Pole.


6. Have a pint .. Or two! .. Of milk that is … Apparently that’ll give your baby a clear complexion. Totally makes sense.


7. Sohnf Paani (boiled water with fennel) is the shizzle! Whether you like it or not – it’s the ONLY drink you’re allowed. It’ll solve all your problems (a dodgy tummy, a flat tyre, a broken down washing machine etc) … And baby’s.


8. The “you’ve gained a bit of weight haven’t you” comments – no kidding! I only carried another human inside me for 9 months and I’m sure it’s nothing to do with being force fed panjeeri, ghee and full fat milk?


9. From the moment you conceive you’re bed bound, like pregnancy is an illness, too delicate to move. You might strain yourself lifting the remote to turn Star Plus off. The doctors are crazy telling you to walk up and down.


10. You’re automatically susceptible to an “evil eye” and these are warded off by burning chilli. I don’t know about an evil eye but mine choke and cry a river from the fumes!

All in jest guys!

Do you have any others?x


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  1. 1

    Harps, you missed out the drink hot milk with butter which will make your delivery/labour really easy!!!! Apparently baby will just ‘glide’ out…..yeaahhhh right!

    It just adds extra handles to your waist and hips….! Lol x

  2. 5
    Mani Virdee

    Hahahha that butter and milk is so true. I had that told to me too about how the baby will just slip out without me knowing. Lol

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