Extra Large Zehui Baby Crawl Mat Review – Highly Recommended!

Extra Large Zehui Baby Crawl Mat Review – Highly Recommended!

Hello all!

Lots of you have messaged asking about where I got Arjun’s play mat from so I thought I’d share the details!

You can purchase it from here at an absolute bargain of £16.98: Zehui Baby Kids Toddler Crawl Mat

15 mins ago the toys were all put away, the train track was set up n my living room kind of looked like a living room ... 15 mins later ... #arjunsinghbassan #babybassan #toys #manonamission #mess #crawling #milestones #baby #love #life #family #pbloggers #mbloggers #babybloggers #myhouse #mylounge #chaos #mummyproblems

Perfect size to cater to the chaos in our house!

It’s absolutely brilliant for so many reasons! Firstly, as many of you commented, it’s huge compared to others.  It’s size is 2m x 1.8m so it’s nice and large for Arjun to have his train track set up on as well as his toy boxes and an area to play.


He still insists on taking over the whole living room … Work in progress at the moment!


Another great thing about this mat is that it’s double sided.  So I flip it over every so often.  One side (that you can see in my instagram picture) is a land animal theme, and the other side is an underwater theme.  The mat is very bright, fun and colourful which is also what drew me to it. He often lays on his tummy examining the mat!  In addition, the mat includes the alphabet and numbers up to 10 on both sides so is quite educational too although we’re no where near that stage yet with Arjun!




The mat also comes in another design:

2nd 3rd

The mat is so durable as the material it’s made from is wipeable.  This means it’s ok for Arjun to have his snack whilst playing as I can mop up after him really quick.  We’ll also be using it outdoors for picnics in the garden with Arjun for the same reason.

The material it’s made from has a great grip unlike other mat’s I’d seen which also drew me to it – it enabled Arjun to master his crawling.

So all in all, this is a bargain for what you get! x

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