19 Months … Arjy’s Antics & an Update! 

19 Months … Arjy’s Antics & an Update! 

19 months?! Seriously! I can’t comprehend this whole time moving so fast thing. I’m really struggling with it. I can’t believe soon I’ll be planning his second birthday! 

Here’s an update …

  • He now weighs 29.2lbs


  • He’s speaking a lot more 
  • He has so many teeth (I’ve never been allowed close enough to count!) 
  • He’s in size 18-24 month clothes but can pull off 2-3 with bottoms 

New words: 

  • “Nine” 
  • “Thataa” = Chacha 
  • “Mmm” when he’s enjoying his food
  • “Bru” to “Bruno” 
  • “Dirty” 
  • “Bookh” (semi pronunciation of the k!) 

His latest antics: 

  • He likes to brush his teeth (hallelujah!)
  • He loves having a bath (again hallelujah!) but there’s a tantrum most nights when we take him out (because the water has gone cold as he’s been in there for so long!) 
  • He’s obsessed with being outdoors!


  • He puts me and daddy to sleep and snoring when we both closed our eyes 
  • He had days for the first time where he didn’t want to come home after nursery 🙁 
  • Baby Brain Apparel’ing himself!


  • This month saw the first time daddy’s been left totally alone to have Arjun for up to two nights as I’ve had to travel for work (you can tell from the picture below that daddy really made an effort with styling Arj’s hair – not! Lol) 


    • Sometimes when he’s done poo he’ll hold his nappy and say “uh oh” 
    • He pokes his tongue out anytime he sees a camera! Cheeky little thing! 


    • Obsessed with nursery and cries when you go to pick him up – he ignores us on our arrival!  
    • He loves sticking things up his nose hair grips tissue and crayons
    • If he goes missing, you know you’ll find him somewhere with a roll of tissue in tow! 


      • He now also loves sticking things in his ears too! 


      • He had his first ride alone at Willow’s Farm! 


      • He had his first experience of muddy puddles and absolutely loved it! 


      • He does this action when he’s confused (like “whaaaat??”):


      • He loved the farm and feeding the animals there


      • He’s still crazy about dogs – he cried in the fields when we stopped him from going up to a dog there 
      • His daily routine post nursery is to grab our shoes, grab his shoes and point to the door towards the garden. Once in the garden he calls “Bru” and runs around with him. After that he demands to go in the garage but also insists on Bruno going in too! (Whatta pic!)


      • He loves touching the buttons on the washing machine … Grr! 
      • He’s started drinking from a cup! 


      • He regularly pinches my make up and I’ve lost so much of it as a result! 
      • He’s a proper “boy” where he loves climbing on things especially sofas… A right dare devil! 
      • He always helps me with putting the shopping away 


      • He’s started “weighing” himself on the calculator 


      • He tells Bruno to get down at any opportunity … He’s so bossy! 

      • Regularly wears his bottoms on his head
      • He started football this month and loves it! 
      • He tried to feed me Cheerios through FaceTime


      • Loves to read – he asks for “Boo” (book) every night and it can go on for aaaages! 
      • He likes to “paint” my nails and also demanded having his painted (shh don’t tell daddy!) 



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