20 Month Update & Arjy’s Latest Antics

20 Month Update & Arjy’s Latest Antics

A month late but here it is!

This month has honestly been the month of the whinge! And I think the root cause of it is Arjun’s frustration in not being able to communicate fully yet. Although his speech has definitely progressed this month, he’s still unable to always express how he’s feeling and so ends up whinging/tantrum’ing. It can be tiring to say the least but this month has also provided us with lots of laughs!


Here’s an update: 


Some of the words he’s learnt: 

  • Says “Bruno” clearly 
  • “Teedo” (Chico)
  • “Mine” 
  • “Doddles” (cuddles) 
  • “arps” (Harps)
  • “Mama”/”Mummy” Finally! 
  • “Bubbles” 
  • “Harveer”
  • “Mane”
  • “Naan” (Shaan)
  • “More”
  • “Botah” (water) 


His latest antics: 

  • He absolutely loves feeding Bruno every evening
  • We try and go to the gurdwara once a week and we do sewa of cleaning the windows although it doesn’t last longer than 90 seconds!  


  • He screams “bubbles” whenever his nose runs
  • He’s been really whingy – it’s constant moaning or whinging for no apparent reason! But at the same time, when he laughs, he laughs from the pit of his stomach! 

  • He hums “twinkle twinkle”
  • He tried to swim by himself in Abu Dhabi 
  • He’s had his 6th holiday
  • We went to visit Preetam’s Birmingham family for the first time. It wasn’t long before Arjun’s shyness wore off and he was ordering them about! 


  • He had his 13th flight 


  • Insisted on stepping in poo in the garden! 
  • Cried because couldn’t put orange peel back on the orange 
  • He’s definitely developed sound negotiation skills which gets him out of pretty much every situation with daddy
  • Tried to eat langar from someone else’s plate at gurdwara!
  • He loved dancing to the answer phone tone at our hotel in Abu Dhabi 

  • Mastered a new walk – a side walk jump thing
  • Dunked his biscuit in my tea
  • He loves doing Simran (meditation)
  • https://youtu.be/77HnqC93kDY

  • He bought his shoes to us at 4am and demanded we take him out! After a long cry, he fell asleep hugging his shoes lol 
  • He’s a bit of a ladies man – seems to have them all wrapped around his bossy little finger! 


  • Made us a Valentine’s Day card at nursery
  • Almost said “I love you” clearly 
  • He’s obsessed with olives


  • Blew bubbles himself and was so pleased with himself! 

  • He went out without daddy or I for the first time ever for Afternoon tea with his masis! 



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