21 Things that Entertain Me Over My Toys … by Arjun

21 Things that Entertain Me Over My Toys … by Arjun

1. Wooden spoon: they’re so fun to bang absolutely everything with … Even the glass coffee table! 


2. Jewellery: it’s so sparkly! 


3. Colourful sponges: I love all the colours and  the straggly texture which sort of kind of resembles my mummy’s natural frizzy hair! Haha! 
4. Shoes: Currently working on getting a pair of mummy’s glitzy heels on! #babygoals


5. House phone: always a pleasant surprise for my loved ones when they receive a call from me :).  Scheduling the daily calls in can get pretty hectic amidst all my other daily tasks like sorting the bathroom out. No rest for the little!

Note from mum: he has either memorised their numbers (hardly likely given he doesn’t know his numbers) or he manages to find them through the phone book! Great going for the call that stayed connected to a random for an hour and a half though Arj! 



6. Oven: the buttons are soo pressable and some of them make a sound AND there’s always food that comes out. Why wouldn’t I want to play with the oven?! 


7. My jogging bottoms lace through: This keeps me entertained for hours. I like to concentrate when doing this.  


8. PlayStation controller: aside from it being the perfect size to fit in my dinky hands and it having chunky buttons, it does something to the picture on the TV!  I think I was born with magical powers.  I always knew I was destined for big things.


9. The stairs: a giant mountain! Great work out too. 



10. Handbag straps: sensory overload. Lucky mummy has a range of colours and handles! I likes chain style ones the best but leather like are the nicest to chew..! 


11. Computer keyboard and mouse: And it’s always the one that mummy and daddy are working on that is the most appealing. They always try palm off some old model my way. Pstch, how silly do they think I am?! 

12. Baby proofing kit: because my parents are soo caring and haven’t bothered house proofing, the baby proofing kit has now become one of my fave set of toys. 


13. Socks: I generally like to have a pair of socks on me for lots of reasons. They’re a great teether, they keep my feet warm and they double up as a scarf. I rearrange my socks drawer daily. Mummy always seems to get annoyed by this, not sure why. They’re my socks! 


14. Bottle of water: nothing quite as entertaining as lugging around a 2 litre bottle of water and then scrunching the bottle to make noise and then shaking it to see the water swish. 


15. Clothes: so much fun pulling down mummies clothes to put over my head or throw around as a scarf! 


16. The Vaja (harmonium) and the Tabla (Indian drums): I’m current working on finding a way to be able to play both at the same time.   

17. Tissue paper: it doubles up as a snack too. I don’t know why my mummy gets her knickers in a twist every time I do it. It’s not like I wouldn’t be willing to share. 


18. My mummy’s glasses: I think I wear them better. 


19. My sippy cup: It doubles up as a sprinkler and it’s so hilarious watching the water spray on to everyone when I flick it! Hahaha

20. The TV remote and any other remote: Handy as it doubles up as a phone too. 

21. The weighing scales: The numbers move when you stand on it and if you take one leg off they move again! Mummy does it all the time and she makes this face whenever she stands on it. It says 11.7 when I stand on it so that means I am 11.7 years old.  


What are your favourite toys but not toys? 
Arjun x

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  1. 1

    Hello arjun! M sanmukh just like u. I like my mom’s earing bcz its luks better on me. My papa’s laptop , mobile for listening rhymes only , color full spoon , 1 lit water bottle . I like cerelac but as a face pack. Hahaha watches , Tv remote control . Spcly through all the plates on table. Hahahaha

  2. 5

    Always gravitate towards Arjun, he’s just too darn cute!!!! 😍😍😍 looking good in the jewellery too ☺️👍🏻👶🏻 #coolmumclub x

  3. 11

    Arjun is a right cheeky little chappy isn’t he!! Love the pictures, especially the toilet roll one. Bet he has you wrapped right around his little finger! This list sooo reminds me of our little dangermouse. Her top 3 would be stairs, toilet, cupboard containing old photos, keys and mummys purse. Keeping me on my toes AARGH! x MMT #coolmumclub

  4. 13
    Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    My little boy always goes for the house phone too, him and his sister who is two love the most random of objects and could spend hours playing with strange things like pegs, tea towels, dvd cases and keys. I often wonder why on earth I bother buying them so many toys when they rarely get played with xx #thelist

  5. 15
    Mudpie Fridays

    This post made me really laugh 🙂 Monkey has always been the same and still is to a certain extent! We spend ages researching and purchasing educational toys yet a wooden spoon and toilet roll are far more interesting! Great photos, I had trouble choosing my favourite but I think the ones with the glasses is brilliant! #Twinkly Tuesday xx

  6. 17
    Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Arjun is so adorable & you took such amazing photos here! I laughed out loud at his expression trying on your shoes! What a cutie! Toys that aren’t toys are the best. The remove & iPhone are fav”s among my kids probably because they aren’t allowed to hold them very often. Thanks so much for hosting #babybrainmonday x

  7. 19

    This is an impressive list of play things – your little boy obviously has a lovely little imagination. My eldest, unfortunately, either watches TV or plays on her tablet. I am such a bad mum. I roll my eyes when she reaches for the Playdoh… Xx #babybrainmondays

  8. 20

    Haha, so glad you linked this up for #babybrainmonday so more people can enjoy it. It so made me laugh when I read it the first time and now again! xx

  9. 26

    Oh gosh I sometimes wish he’d get back in to TV! I miss having half an hour where he’s distracted to do my own thing (I know that’s selfish!!). You’re not a bad mum at all!!!x

  10. 31

    amazing photos and spot on with the list!! It’s a pity that the playstation controller is so heavy – Little Red and it have a love hate relationship. She hates it when it takes on a life of its own and thwacks her face

  11. 32

    What a cutie! I definitely recognise lots of these household toys that have also kept my daughter well entertained instead of her toys or well planned activities! Its funny how such ordinary everyday things can keep them so well entertained 🙂 #BabyBrainMonday

  12. 33
    absolutely prabulous

    There isn’t one bit of this post that isn’t laugh out loud funny. Oh my gosh, I want to frame it. Well done linky partner; was such in a crotchety mood after my Tuesday got off to an annoying start but this has snapped me straight out of it. Blooming hilarious. Now, do I thank you for linking to #BabyBrainMonday? Ha haaaa.

  13. 41
    Trista, Domesticated Momster

    He is so stinking cute! It’s funny about the baby proofing…we did that with our first but he managed to still figure out how to get past the baby proofing stuff in about a day. Needless to say by the second and third baby there was no baby proofing **knocks on wood** no one has electrocuted themselves yet. I love all these pictures and how in the heck do you have glass tables? I would be cleaning those suckers all damn day if I had them. Thanks for hostessing #BabyBrainMonday …. sorry for the delay in commenting as I am always playing catch up!

  14. 42

    Lol, he’s a little monster! Oh the glass tables are always a bloomin mess these days – sticky fingers galore! I can’t keep up x

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