A Trip to Westfield with Arjun … Then vs Now

A Trip to Westfield with Arjun … Then vs Now

The other day we returned back to Westfield for the first time since I took Arjun alone back in February – what a whirlwind of emotions it brought back. Being there, though not alone with him this time, brought back so many memories. I’ve come a long way but my fears then have been replaced by new ones! 

I enjoyed being with him there this time a lot more as I watched him run around aimlessly – following the nearest person he could see and diverting at the speed of lightening when he saw another! 

I was able to enjoy it so much because Preetam was with me. Had he not been I would’ve been pretty stressed managing things alone especially with my extra long shopping list (mainly for Arjun’s bits and bobs … Honest!). 
Here are a few reflections on our trip compared to my last trip with Arjun and whether I’d be able to do it alone again: 
1) We went to the food court again but I knew it was ok to do so as there were two of us to manage Arjun. Not sure how that would’ve worked had it been me alone. How would I have held the tray of food back to our table, managed a little toddler who is faster than the speed of lightning and manage our bags and buggy?! Ok the buggy could house the bags but that wouldn’t have really helped! I’d still have the food to deal with and a mobile toddler. 


2) How on earth could I shop?! Even with reigns on, he’s trying to leg it! I was able to enjoy shopping as Preetam was with us and he managed Arjun. I’d still have the shopping bags issue had I been alone. How do you manage all the shopping bags as well as a toddler?! I can imagine I’d end up having a few ditzy moments! 


Then …


vs Now

 3) Reflecting on my last experience alone, nappy changing seemed like a huge deal. It wouldn’t be now. He goes less frequently and it wouldn’t be such a huge deal compared to dealing with other things. My energy is more likely to be used up on chasing him, a nappy change would probably be a welcomed break now! 

4) I’d definitely feel a little more confident in terms of not worrying about him having a crying episode there. He didn’t cry at all during this trip. He was really happy and excited seeing so many people, lots of new surroundings and being able to move himself. With his new found independence has come reduced tears which has instilled me with a little more confidence. 

5) We can enjoy the same food which means I wouldn’t have to worry about pre packing food – I LOVE this! Arjun had a mini square pie (spinach sweet potato and goats cheese) mash and beans while we enjoyed the adult version. I really love that other than a few snacks, I don’t really need to pack much in terms of meals when out as I can easily pick something up. 



I probably wouldn’t feel brave enough to go to Westfield alone with Arjun if I had a huge shopping list but I’d definitely feel comfortable going if I had a quick trip planned. One where I didn’t require a buggy or end up with a gazillion shopping bags! 

I may set myself the challenge when I feel brave enough to take on Westfield alone again. Even if it is just for a quick trip. It’ll be interesting to say the least! 

Do you have any tips for shopping with a toddler? x


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    Cheryl @ Reimer and Ruby

    I’m the same, I’m always scared to go out shopping alone with my kids in case I can’t control them. However, it was just recently that I have the courage to bring them shopping myself alone. My eldest son is fine walking around with me, but my 2 yrs old little girl always go into the buggy coz she’s the one difficult to control. As long as she’s tied in a buggy, I’m more confident with them. Also, buggy is great for putting shopping bags in, lol. #BabyBrainMondays

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    Mudpie Fridays

    I hardly ever shop with Monkey at 3 he gets bored too quickly and drives me bonkers – I never get everything we need so have to do it online or nip out on my own when get the opportunity! I applaud you for going to Westfields …maybe I will take a day off work soon to do some shopping !! 🙂 x

  3. 7

    We live super close to blue water and I can honestly say I avoided it like the plague when
    Our eldest got mobile, until fairly recently! Now she’s fab company, loves looking at all the girly bits with me, and eating out. As you say fab when you can share a meal. Only prob now is her little sister is about to start walking :-/ we may have to have some time apart again 😉 x MMT #babybrainmondays

  4. 9
    Absolutely Prabulous

    What happened in February that was so hard? I clicked on the link but got an error message. I miss my baby shopping days in some ways. Used to go off to Brent Cross with my eldest for the whole day. No such thing here lol. Does he not sit in his buggy? Sounds like that would be far easier for you? #BabyBrainMonday

  5. 11

    Ah that makes me feel so much better! I always feel like worlds worst mum for my inability to cope in public places with him – a reflection of my own insecurities more than anything! But it is bloomin hard work! A day off to shop sounds perfect!:) x

  6. 13

    Yikes! That gives me hope! Though I can’t imagine him taking any interest in shopping if he’s anything like his daddy 😒 Aww! At least she’ll have her big sister to keep her entertained 😉 xx

  7. 14

    Ooh thanks for letting me know Hun. I’ll take a look at the dodgy link! He gets bored in his buggy and wants to roam free now 😫 grr I wish I could say the same. I need to brave it and try take him alone again one day!x

  8. 17

    I’m glad you had fun and feel confident about going on your own – I can cope with my two shopping on my own, just about, as long as we are doing something I can involve Jet in. For example, getting the food at the market or supermarket. Anything else it would be madness to even attempt!
    x Alice

  9. 18

    You are super mummy!! That gives me hope! Definitely sounds sensible to get the kids involved – clothes shopping probably wouldn’t be as exciting as food shopping for Arj so perhaps I should dare that next! I’ve never taken him to a supermarket :/ x

  10. 19

    My tips would be not to expect to get the chance to buy anything for yourself. Especially clothes. And not to go when it’s too busy. Try and time it so you have a break and a coffee when your child is sleeping, but expect them to wake up the moment you wheel them into the cafe or sit down with the delicious cake that caught your eye and that you were hoping you wouldn’t have to share.

    He’s so darling running around everywhere, but I get that it can be so frustrating if it’s busy, you have a huge list of things you need to buy and the child just refuses to go in the buggy. Good luck with doing it on your own. #babybrainmondays

  11. 20

    I’d love to be near a Westfields. They’re so lush and the toilets and baby change are so comfortable. My husband sometimes works away so I’ve got used to shopping with Roscoe alone. I always plan my route and start with the most important shop and work backwards so that I can abandon the trip it if I need to. I try to mix it up so, I’ll go to mothercare and look at the toys and stop for a snack, so he doesn’t get too bored.

  12. 21

    Such a fab suggestion – working backwards from most important. I’ll defo be using that when (and if) I take him alone xx

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