Arjun’s 13 Month Update … My Favourite Month So Far!

Arjun’s 13 Month Update … My Favourite Month So Far!

Hi guys!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since Arjun’s first birthday! You can see details of how we celebrated at his jungle themed party here

Wasn’t sure whether to continue with my monthly updates now that Arjun has turned one but then I thought I’d do it for selfish reasons at least – as a journal/memoir as that was the whole purpose of my blog! So here goes…

This month has seen so many changes in him. He’s suddenly becoming a proper little person. It’s been one of my favourite months as I feel like we’re able to have a lot more fun as his huge personality is shining through now more than ever. I’m really looking forward to when he’s walking and talking now too. I think once he’s talking, it’ll be a lot easier to understand what his frustrations are or what he wants. 

This has by far been one of my favourite months with him. He’s become so independent but also his character is shining through brighter than ever! 
We spent the day as a family by going for brunch at Chiquitos, doing a little shopping then coming home and spending quality family time together. We played with mega blocks and got arty too! 

Here’s an update of Arjun’s 13th month in this world!:

  • He’s taken his first steps this month 

  • He doesn’t like the cushions on our sofas so we spend most of our day playing chase where he’s taking them down and I’m following putting them back up (that’s my OCD kicking in!)
  • He’s always pretending to be on the phone and has called his dadi Ji and his Goov Masi by accident (from the phone book!)

  • He likes to make himself busy by being “helpful” and rearranging everything! (video) 

  • He started nursery and is now more settled
  • He loves playing the tabla or any musical instrument for that matter 

  • Tries to put himself to sleep if tired by pulling down a cushion or a comforter and resting his head


  • He now needs a comforter at nursery be it a brick or a blanket 
  • He’s taught himself to climb down off the sofa and bed with no help 
  • Had his first edible sensory experience

  • He likes to blow raspberries on my tummy!
  • He still loves playing peekaboo 
  • Likes playing hide and seek

  • Sleeping through the night the last few nights (I bet I’ve jinxed that!) 
  • Loves bananas 
  • Loves playing with sand and water and mega blocks 


  • Loves being outdoors
  • Likes to play with other children

Some of the new foods he’s tried this month include raisins (not sure why he’s never had these before!), parsley, dokra, chocolate eclair (he stole mine!) 


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  1. 1

    It really is amazing how fast they change into little people! It’s such a joy to see them becoming so capable and interactive! #babybrain

  2. 2

    This is like reading Jacob’s 14 month update (although I haven’t wrote one) its amazing how quick they are learning new things. The first steps, the cushions, the getting down from sofa etc…. everything ah….. Arjun is so cute! x

  3. 5
    Who Let the Mum Out?

    What a sweet, cute boy! It’s amazing to see them grow so much and interact with other kids. I can’t wait til my baby walks and talks too. It is a little frustrating to not know why they’re crying.

  4. 6

    What a gorgeous little man! There’s something so magical about this stage when they morph from a baby to a toddler! I like that he’s got the tidying thing down 🙂

  5. 9

    Oh what a fun age. First steps huh? We’re nervous about that stage, we think it will be soon since our boy likes to stand a lot.

  6. 10
    Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Aww what a gorgeous update! I remember all of these stages so well…they seem like yesterday! We did a jungle themed 1st party for Zach too. His third birthday is coming up and I’m thinking dinosaurs! Thanks for sharing these stages and sending memories my way 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  7. 13

    It really is. It’s hilarious watching their little personalities shine through! Is Jacob your first baby?xx

  8. 14

    Thanks Becky. Think I am going to stick at it – at for my own memories if no one else is interested! Haha x thanks for linking up x

  9. 16

    I agree! Arjun has just started walking a few days ago and I’m full of excitement. I feel like it’s going to open up a whole new world for us! I can’t wait for him to start talking now. How old is your little one?xx

  10. 19

    Snap!! Thanks Hun, we’ll be growing his hair – it’s going to be a right handful to manage! Such thick curly locks he has x

  11. 20

    Arjun started walking a few days ago and I love it! Though he isn’t very fast yet. It’s so cute. Good luck Hun xx

  12. 21

    Dinosaurs sounds like so much fun! I’ve found some amazing stuff on Pinterest! Can’t wait to see pics 🙂 x

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