Arjun’s 16 Month Update … The Month of Tantrums! 

Arjun’s 16 Month Update … The Month of Tantrums! 

Hello all! 

So Arjun spent his 16th month birthday in Singapore – what a lucky boy! 

This month has definitely been the month of tantrums … As he’s growing up, he suddenly seems to think he’s old enough/big enough to make every decision himself and to do whatever it is he wants. It’s been challenging but it’s also been really great seeing him develop in to his own person! He’s definitely a head strong little guy … I wonder where he gets it from 😉

Here’s his 16 month update: 

  • He’s definitely mastered his scream – he has different ones for different things 
  • We had our first trip to Sainsburys alone 


  • He’s such a chatter box although his vocab is pretty limited
  • He’s obsessed with dancing! 

    • He loves to put things in the bin 
    • He’s moved up a room at nursery and absolutely loves it 
    • He now does the actions to wheels on the bus 
    • He claps when he thinks he’s done something good

    • He touches his head when you sing “heads shoulders knees and toes”
    • He likes “fixing” things and often copies daddy


      • He’s obsessed with “row row row your boat” but doesn’t quite get the “gently” bit! 
      • He says “doodoo” when he wants milk 
      • He can now climb up on sofa (and the coffee table and the bedside cabinet!)
      • He regularly pinches your food (but refuses to eat his own)


      • He loves little babies and asks to hold them by putting his arms out
      • His hair is now long enough to rock different hairstyles


        • He now loves bath time and sort of likes brushing his teeth (yay!)
        • He’s currently on the Pom Bear diet


        • He said “satsriakal” real fast once (hello in punjabi)  
        • He said “thank you” once
        • He likes to go to the park


          • His tantrums are now in full swing and I’m often surprised with a slap when he’s having one – hoping it’s just part of his frustration with not being able to communicate properly yet! 
          • He’s a little copy cat now! 
          • He’s visited his third country outside of home (Dubai, Maldives, Singapore) 


            • He’s had his 9th flight


            • Likes to pour things from one cup to another (and make a mess!) 


            • His first experience bowling – he loved it but had a tantrum when we stopped him from running down the lane! 


            • He measures 80cm 
            • He weighs 12kg
            • He’s had his first ambulance ride (and hopefully his last!) and a two trips to A&E 🙁


            • He likes to pour water over himself in the bath 


            • He attended the veg fest and we ate on his behalf! Haha


            • He had his first trip to IKEA and loved running around but was obsessed with running back after the escalator 


            Can’t believe how fast he’s growing! x



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                Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

                Oh he is such a cutie bear. Love him! What a lucky boy to be in Singapore on his 16 month birthday. What a well travelled baby. So sorry he had to experience his first ambulance trip but I’m glad he’s better. Snap on the tantrums! I don’t know how to handle them :/ xxx

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