Arjun’s 1st Birthday Jungle Party … The Outfits

Arjun’s 1st Birthday Jungle Party … The Outfits

Hello All,


Hope you enjoyed my post from yesterday on the party decor!


Today I’ll be sharing our party outfits. 🙂


We decided to go for a fancy dress theme and before we’d decided that I hadn’t thought about how difficult it would be to find something suitable to wear for both Arjun and I!


I figured it would be warm (before I knew the rain would cool things down!), so I didn’t think a fleece type onesie would be suitable for Arjun especially as he gets hot pretty quickly. I decided to make his outfit myself. It was a choice between a baby Tarzan and a lion. We eventually decided on him being a lion cub and Preetam lion daddy and I lioness mummy.


I didn’t want Arjun’s outfit to be too fussy as I knew he’d get agitated.


I saw a super cute crown hat on ETSY and got one custom made for Arjun to include little lion ears. I knew it wouldn’t stay on for long at the party as he hates anything on his head but as long as he kept it on for his cake cutting I’d be happy! I also purchased matching fur to put on his outfit.  I purchased this from the lovely “Little Blue Olive” who was super helpful with all my requests.



I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to purchase a beige coloured romper and in the end had to purchase a white one which was reasonably priced and dye it myself at home using Dylon dye which was simple enough to use. I then purchased white felt from Hobby Craft which I cut in to an oval shape and hand stitched to the belly.


I hand stitched fur to the bottom part of the romper.  And we handmade his tail by rolling beige felt around three pipe cleaners and hand stitching to seal. We then hand stitched a little piece of fur to the end of the tail. I attached his tail to his romper using Velcro so that it could be removed if he needed to lie down in his back for a nappy change or a nap.



I purchased cream knitted bootsEdit for an absolute bargain of £3.99 and customised these by hand stitching the fur to them around the ankles. I included popper buttons on them to make them a little tighter (they were still a little loose on the day!). I then cut out felt paws and hand stitched them on to the base of the booties.  I knew they wouldn’t stay on for long either but they looked adorable!



On the day of the party, as Arjun ended up having a bit of a cold and it was cooler than expected, I ended up putting a white long sleeved vest and white leggings underneath his outfit.


I was so proud of myself for his outfit.  It looked so dinky!




I also had two back up outfits for Arjun which he didn’t end up needing but just in case!


The first back up outfit was a modified version of his cake smash outfit. I already had the hat and tail so I decided to purchase a burnt orange colour romper and customising it by stitching on hand cut out green leaf shaped felt to the bottom. It was a quick and easy outfit and one that fitted in with the theme perfect. I also didn’t have to spend too much on this outfit as I had already purchased it. The original outfit was purchased from ETSY.



The third back up outfit was a lion body t shirt with shorts and braces from Matalan which he can easily wear otherwise as it isn’t necessarily fancy dress. He actually wore this outfit to nursery today! Haha!



My outfit was made by my mother in law – she stitched a dress and I purchased fur scarves which we then cut up to stitch on to the bottom hem and shoulders. Pre warning – cutting up fur isn’t one of my best ideas! It looked like a bird had run rampage in the room! I also used fur to make ankle cuffs by stitching on popper buttons by hand. I made my tail the same way as Arjun’s. I made my ears by hand stitching triangle pieces of fur to clips. 



Preetam’s mascot outfit was purchased from hereEdit. The only outfit that fit him due to his height!



 Our siblings came dressed as a giraffe, a tiger, a wild dog, a parrot and a ranger! Our daddies were both Rangers and our mummies were a leopard and a snow leopard. 

We were so pleased with how many people put in effort to adhere to the dress code – we weren’t expecting it to be honest! The babies looked absolutely adorable!  Here’s a few pictures … 


We hosted a “best dressed family” costume prize which went to K, F and E. How cute do they look?!



The prizes I included were the following:






  Hope you love our outfit choices! x

Next post to follow: The Cake!

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