Arjun’s First Experience of Edible Sensory Play!

Arjun’s First Experience of Edible Sensory Play!

So today Arjun’s Harv Masi decided to do an afternoon of edible messy sensory play. There are definitely endless perks of having a sister that’s a nursery nurse! He absolutely loved it especially as his big sister Shaan is also here. 

As you all know, Arjun’s quite the foodie so we thought it would be a fun way to incorporate sensory play with different textures, smells, colours and tastes given he was bound to stick whatever it was in to his mouth! 

The trays we went for included: 

  • Cooked pasta and cornflour with mixed food colouring
  • Mini marshmallows and jelly 
  • Water with food colouring 
  • Shaving foam and mixed food colouring – not edible but we watched over him to ensure he didn’t eat it! 

We gave him a whisk and steal spoon to use to play. He took an immediate liking to the whisk and spent most of his time mixing the trays. His favourite tray was the water tray and the marshmallow and jelly tray. He liked eating the pasta and the marshmallows and he liked splashing the water. He got shaving foam on his face which was super cute. 



He is happy to play independently but also enjoyed playing with Shaan. 

It was really nice to have an edible sensory experience at home – I hadn’t even thought about ever doing this. 

Next time we’ll be incorporating some of his toy figurines and creating fun scenes! 


What sensory play do your babies like? x


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    Love this idea! Looking forward to trying something similar with khadija too. Ps. Very jealous that u have a sister that’s a nursery teacher. Where can I get one of those?!

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