Arjy’s 18 Month Antics and an Update

Arjy’s 18 Month Antics and an Update

How did he turn a whole year and a half so quick?! I found it quite emotional during the Christmas period as I came to the realisation my baby boy is growing super fast right before my eyes. This is my most favourite age ever and I really do wish I could freeze time!

His 18th month birthday fell on Boxing Day and we celebrated with a Letterbox Cake that we were sent to review (separate blog post coming soon). Arjun really enjoyed the yummy cake!


New words:
• His every other word is “uh oh” or “oh no” and he always uses it in the right context!
• Preetam’s nickname is “Heera” and Arjun’s clearly learnt to mimic the tone in which I call him … Oops!

• The word “no” is his most frequently used word! He doesn’t always get the context quite right but the prolonged “O” shape of his lips lasting ages after he’s said it is pretty cute!

• “No more” is something he says when he’s really mad!
• “Dog” – not surprised he’s learnt this word given how much love he has for them!
• “Down” when talking to the dogs. He vigorously points his forefinger as he demands them to listen to his command. It’s pretty cute and the dogs generally abide!
• “Juice”, we don’t give him juice unless it’s freshly squeezed on holiday but I think he’s learnt this from nursery when other kids have juice.
• “Shoes” aka “dooz”

Additional Developments:
• He now is interested in shape sorter toys – though he doesn’t quite get why a hexagon just doesn’t fit in the damn circle slot!
• He loves to copy – even if it’s not perfectly, he gives it a good go!
• His understanding amazes me – if I ask him to hand me a tissue, he’ll go and get one and bring it over
• His mark making has really improved and he’s able to hold a pen comfortably and scribble.
• He’s now in a bed and is sleeping well. If he does wake during the night, he jumps out of bed and toddles in to our room.


His latest antics:
• Loves to get tissue paper off a loo roll and stuff it in the centre of the roll!
• He’s obsessed with being in the hallway and talking to Bruno through the glass door.
• He often tells Bruno off and to go in to his room or to get “dowww” (down)
• His favourite thing in the kitchen are food colouring jars – he always manages to find them!


• He loves kicking a ball about and he starts Little Kickers this Sunday!

 • He’s definitely the family clown – he loves doing silly things to keep people entertained! Jeta (our cleaner) is often his audience!


• He decided helping Jeta with the washing was high on his agenda – except he ended up littering the house with most of the laundry instead!


• He insisted on wearing a hat to bed


• He’s sensitive to people crying – he rushes over to give them a cuddle and is generally very affectionate (when he wants to be!) 

• His bed blanky is his comforter – he’s never had a comforter before, but he freaks out if it’s not with him and he remembers. He’s even demanded on taking it to nursery a few times.
• His toothbrush is his new best friend, he brushes so well. He’s also ended up taking his toothbrush to nursery!


• He had his first nativity play at nursery – he was THAT kid that balled his eyes out! 

• He wanted to take his blanket in with him at bath time
• He insisted on sitting in Bruno’s room to eat his breakfast
• He went through a phase of wearing his wellies inside the house
• He loves to feed the dogs and regularly slips Chico some food on the sly!

• He now puts his teddy bears to sleep – it’s the cutest! But once they’ve “fallen asleep”, he lifts the blanky off them and shouts “no! no!” Haha!

• He loves giving his teddies cuddles and often kisses them

• He does matha tekh every morning to a picture of the Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji, blows them a kiss and waves bye bye. It makes my heart melt.

• He wanted to be wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper!
• He uses everything and anything as a hat.

• He loves to dance

• He talks … a lot!

• He had his first hot chocolate

• He received his first Christmas Eve box!
• He loves to play tabla and uses everything as a drum – including Preetam’s protein powder containers!

• His first night in his new bed, he put all his teddies to sleep on his pillow and ended up with no space on the pillow for his own little head!

• He loves banging on any sort of drum! … Never a quiet moment in our house.

• He decided our upstairs needed a make over!

• … and he soon learnt the hard way!

• He loves to sing and a video of him went viral this month – honestly have no idea where he gets his hilarious personality from!

• We baked Gingerbread Men!


What we’ve been up to this month:
• We decorated the house in to our own Christmas Winter Wonderland and Arjun absolutely loved it – his reaction to the “snow” was hilarious!

• We met Santa (twice!)


• We celebrated my one year blog anniversary!
• Arjy had his second Christmas and it was even more enjoyable than the first! I’ll be blogging about this separately soon!




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    These are such precious moments, such an wonderful read, hope the next 18 months are just as special, can’t wait to read all about it, happy 18 months to your prince xx

  2. 3
    Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

    I read your posts and I can always relate so much. Baby Girl is only a few months behind Arjy and they are both such characters. I’m totally emotional at BG growing up too. She’s loosing all her baby characteristics waahhhh!!! X

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