Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 23rd January 2015

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 23rd January 2015

Hello all!

I’ve done quite a bit of writing yesterday/today and it was heavy writing so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet (she says!)

So this week we had our Lohri party which I posted about. In summary it was brilliant. I was so pleased with how everything turned out!!

The day after we were knackered especially as Arjun was up every few hours – I think he thought the party was still happening!  But nevertheless we woke on Sunday and soldiered on. We woke a little late for Arjun’s swimming lesson but Arjun went for a walk with Bruno and his daddy in the baby carrier instead. It gave me a little break – I had my feet up and enjoyed my breakfast. We don’t use Arjun’s carrier often – we really need to start!

After that we went to see our friends, Amit and Vaishali and their newborn baby, Josh. Josh is the smallest baby boy I’ve seen since Arjun was born and he is so adorable! I can’t believe Arjun was ever that small! I had a long cuddle and baby Josh fell asleep on me – bought back so many memories and he felt as light as a feather compared to my little tanker now!  Arjun really enjoyed being at Josh’s house as several of our friends were there and they’re all so great with babies!  He got plenty of play time and attention!  It was so sweet watching Josh and Arjun interact – they were mimicking each other!  I had a lovely time, it was very relaxing especially with so many pairs of hands to help with Arjun!

Monday to Wednesday we pretty much stayed indoors. I had a pretty tough day on Monday where it was taking hours to settle Arjun for his naps. He fights his sleep so much that we end up in overtired land and then it’s just a huge battle. Monday night it took us four hours to settle him at bed time – he went to sleep at midnight! 🙁 His teeth were also bothering him which was really hard – I found water filled teethers give him comfort. He hasn’t actually got any teeth yet! All in all, not the greatest timing especially following the tiredness after the party.

Arjun was kept entertained for a while with his latest new thing – a sensory tent bought for him by his Sav Masi (thanks Sav!). He was intrigued and spent a while in there whilst playing and watching TV.

We went to music and movement on Thursday morning where he really enjoyed himself as usual. He’s so interactive with the other babies and parents now. You see a noticeable difference every week. It’s a shame it coincides with his nap time and we kind of have to rejig things to ensure sure we make it. He loves it once he’s there though!

After music and movement we went to our friend Reets who also has a baby. It was a nice chilled out afternoon where Arjun was pretty content playing by himself whilst baby A slept. Had a little bit of a terrifying experience whilst there; Arjun was having his snack of sweet corn rings and almost choked on one. I panicked and froze. I knew what to do but just couldn’t move! He was struggling to breath and his eyes were tearing, thank God Reet was with me as she took control and did exactly what you’re supposed to – put him on his tummy over her knee and gave him a few firm blows on his back and it came out. I was so scared! I knew he was going to be ok but I was pretty peed off at myself for just freezing like a useless lemon! 🙁

Writing my blog post about my initial days post birth was actually really therapeutic and almost immediately it became apparent that it was going to help me on facing my fears. I decided to take Arjun to Toys R Us as I had to pick up a gift anyway. Where usually I’d have left him at his grandparents, he came with me. He slept through anyway but I went in with total confidence – I felt like a new person. It was really strange. I wasn’t my usual panicked self. I was cool calm and collected and it was totally fine!

Yesterday Arjun had his first taste of mummy’s most favourite food – pizza!  I made him pizza bread on whole meal bread with a thin layer of tomato purée, grated cheddar cheese and some basil and oregano seasoning. He absolutely loved it! There wasn’t even a crumb left! He also started holding his own beaker yesterday – it’s so cute watching him grow. But it’s all happening too fast! 🙁
We spent the afternoon visiting Chico – Arjun’s best friend!
What have you been up to this week?x

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