Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … Cake Tasting, Co-sleeping, Friends n Food!

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … Cake Tasting, Co-sleeping, Friends n Food!

Hello all! 
Hope you’ve all had a good week! 
Here’s what we’ve been up to …
Last Saturday we had a family BBQ for Preetam’s birthday which you can read up more on here: Preetam’s Birthday 

Last Sunday we went over to friends, Sonia and Guv’s to meet their beautiful baby Avleen. Arjun of course loved Avleen and spent any given opportunity rushing towards her with his one sided crawl! Haha! Avleen is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet little baby. Sonia and Guv have such a calm demeanour to them – it’s so endearing and something I wish I could adopt more! 



It’s so strange, every time I see a baby that’s much younger than Arjun (Avleen is 3 months), I struggle to remember what Arjun was like at that age. It’s like my memory has been erased – I find it so frustrating not being able to remember. It’s part of the reason I started this blog. 

Arjun loved seeing their dogs and showed his enthusiasm by flapping his arms and trying to stroke them. 

Sonia made us delicious lunch of spinach and mushroom pasta, stuffed peppers and a bean salad. We were stuffed! 

This week I also went for cake tasting with Tranam for Arjun’s birthday cake.  She’s amazing with her cake creations and is so passionate about what she does. I love how she’s so invested and is so genuine about creating an amazing end product. I am SO excited for his birthday but also so stressed. I feel like I’ve hardly done anything, and once back from the Maldives, it’s only six weeks away! Eek!!!  I’m sure I’ll end up spending half my time in the Maldives planning for the party – but I’m sure it won’t feel like such a mammoth task whilst doing it on a sun lounger with the view of the glistening sea! Haha

This week Arjun got his first “proper” cold since he’s been born. It’s meant lots of tissues, broken sleep and tears. He hasn’t been himself and it’s been tough. Thankfully Preetam’s very hands on so sharing the load definitely helps. We’ve resorted to co-sleeping this week just because Arjun was waking so frequently as he was so congested. I’m hoping he’ll be ok when we do move him back in to his own room. He seems to not appreciate the lack of space in our bed so I’m hoping the switch back will be welcomed!  He’s doing much better now and I’m hoping he’s totally cold free before we fly out on Thursday! 
Arjun went for his first cafe lunch with mummy this week – we went for a stroll and decided to stop for a spot of lunch. He enjoyed his cheese and tomato panini though I’m not sure how much of it he could actually taste with his bunged up nose!:( 


Arjun’s dadaji and dadiji came over this week and kept him entertained at our house and managed to lift his spirits. They also took him for a little walk to get him some fresh air. Dadi cooked him some macaroni cheese too. Her cheese sauce is the best! 
I managed to get a night off this week whilst daddy took care of Arjun to attend a paat (reciting prayers) and kirtan (holy hymns) for East West Photography and Pro Make-Up London’s new studio which is now based at by Riverside House on Bath Road, Hounslow. There was a beautiful peaceful atmosphere and Veer Manpreet Singh did beautiful kirtan. It was nice to be able to listen to kirtan without being distracted by a baby. It’s been a while since I had that. And as I always say, paat and kirtan is definitely food for my soul and I feel so refreshed after. It always brings me back to centre and restores balance mentally.  


It was really nice to see the guys from East West – always brings back memories from our wedding as they flew to Goa with us to shoot our events. We had such a laugh with them and reminiscing brings a smile to my face. They captured our memories beautifully. 
Here’s a few shots from our wedding functions in Goa… 
Pre wedding shoot …

Us with the East West boys and Suky x



Ladies Sangeet shots …


Beach BBQ pre party shots …


Anand Karaj (religious wedding ceremony) shots …


Reception shots …


Pro Make-Up London is a new venture that one of my closest friends Suky is a part of in collaboration with Laaj Lally which specialises in offering a vibrant collection of short courses for those looking to pursue a career in the make up and hair industry. Suky also flew to Goa with us and did my bridal hair and make up and that was how our sistership started :). 
I wish Gugs, Deep, Hardish at East West and Suky and Laaj at Pro Make-Up London all the success in the world!
We went for dinner to Chiquitos with friends this week too. Arjun enjoyed his pizza and vegetables but a lot ended up on the floor. I always feel so bad leaving restaurants in that state! We had a lovely evening and it was great catching up with old friends and being introduced to some new ones 🙂 


Goov Masi came over to spend some time with Arjun as its been a while. They spent the evening together and he found her the funniest thing alive ever! I could hear giggles from wherever they were.


How was your week?x


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    Hey thanks for stopping by 🙂 it’s always busy in this house – Arj has a busier social life than his mama! He’s feeling much better thank you. How are your three gorgeous musketeers?x

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