Baby Brain Weekly Memoir in Pictures … 5th June

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir in Pictures … 5th June

Hello all! 

Hope you had a great week last week and an even better weekend! 

Here’s ours (a little late) in pictures (mostly!) x
Last weekend my birthday celebrations continued  at The Dorchester with my sisters and best friend while daddy and Arjun spent the day watching Moto GP. You can see more pictures from our day out in London here


We went for leaving drinks as Arjun’s buddy, Pranay, is moving to Florida. We will miss them lots but look forward to visiting! Arjun enjoyed all the cuddles from his uncles and aunties!

 We were visited by Amrit Masi x


We went for a cafe lunch x

We went to Taran Masi’s ladies Sangeet and Arjun was super fascinated by all the colours and people around him x

We had a play date with E and Josie. On the same day we went to Taran Masi’s mendhi where Arjun wasn’t quite himself. You can read about that slightly challenging day here. x

Goov Masi came over for a play date lol 


How was your week?x 

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