Christmas Eve Box for a Toddler

Christmas Eve Box for a Toddler

I was so excited to put one of these together this year!  The main aim was for us to spend quality time as a family through planning various little activities through the gift of this box.

I purchased the personalised box from ETSY:

Here’s what we included in ours:

  • “Little elf” pyjamas: Preetam and I have the mum and dad ones and it’s a “thing” now where we all wear matching PJs on Christmas Eve. I purchased these ones from eBay.

  • Rudolph slippers: how could I not?! They’re so cute!  

  • Hot chocolate Rudolph cone: Arjun’s had a sneaky taste of hot chocolate before but this will be his first proper little cup! I bought the cone from ETSY and loved that it had a Christmas touch. I’m a total sucker for theming!

  • Christmas sticker and activity book: he loves stickers and also spends a lot of time mark making so we thought it’d be nice for us to do some colouring together.

  • Christmas bubbles: another favourite thing of his!

  • Dear Santa (Rod Campbell): a book that will probably come out every year. I’m excited for us to read this as he squeals with excitement with flap and lift books.

  • A Santa teddy: I’m guessing he’ll be patting Santa to sleep before Santa has a chance to come and deliver presents!

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol [DVD]: One of many Christmas movies I remember from my childhood! I picked this one as I felt he’d be entertained by the characters 🙂

  • Popcorn: as its his favourite thing and you can’t watch a movie without snacks right?!

  • Gingerbread decorating kit: He loves gingerbread men and so I thought we’d decorate one to leave for Santa!

Now I’m just waiting for daddy to come home so we can open his box and have some family time on the sofa eating snacks and watching movies!

What did you include in yours?x

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