“Mother of the Year”

“Mother of the Year”

“Mother”: definitely one of the most challenging titles I’ve had … the pressures from society, the looks of disapproval from your nearest and dearest, the constant guilt for the somewhat cr@ppy decisions I often end up making due to tiredness, everything else going on and dealing with a testing toddler! But it’s also the most rewarding title I’ve ever had! 


On the contrary, I’ve often been coined the term “super mum” (or similar) by blog followers for managing what everyone has to manage (swap a few!); work, home, blog, a busy social life, Baby Brain Apparel and a baby. I certainly don’t feel like superwoman!  My intention is never to come across that way. Truth be told, there are not enough hours in the day and managing all these bits and bobs means something ends up giving.  It can be exhausting and it often means we’re left with little family time. I have a cleaner to help with the house, I blog from my phone whenever I get a minute and I sew most evenings on top of work. 

Here’s 11 reasons why I’m definitely not going to be up for “Mother of the Year” award anytime soon …


1) Arj isn’t always fed Instagram friendly meals contrary to what social media may have you believe! Sometimes he has cereal for dinner! 
2) Yep there have been times where he’s gone up to 4 days without a bath although our intentions are to bathe him every other day.
3) He skips brushing his teeth more often than brushing them. At least his teddies have clean teeth?! 
4) We’re in bed before he is sometimes. We definitely failed on the regimented routine. 
5) Most of our days at home end up as PJ days. Outfit change is sometimes from PJs to PJs. 
6) He jumps in our bed in the middle of the night almost every night … And sometimes I’m too lazy to put him back. 
7) He sometimes falls asleep in the clothes he’s been wearing during the day … and I don’t wake him to change him. 
8) I am that mother that lets her son have a little treat (or 3 …). I’d be frowned upon even if that treat was raisins! I’d rather he ate in front of me than be that kid at a party that hides the food in his pockets for later!
9) Yep he’s had McDonald’s fries despite the Facebook shares of how terrible McDonalds is for you. I had it infrequently when younger and I’m still alive.
10) More often than not, my house looks the same in the morning as it did the night before.

11) We don’t read everyday – this one I feel pretty awful about. 



Yes, I may not be winning any awards, I’m totally winging it, but he’s a happy baby (most of the time) and that’s all that really matters to me. No matter what decisions you end up making, someone somewhere will tell you why it’s not the right one. So do what you please for your family, after all, we’re all superwomen/men. So just in case someone forgets to tell you today, from one mother to another, you’re doing a bloody amazing job!x

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    Sukh Rai

    I often feel gulity of some of the above but it makes me feel at ease that I’m not the only one! Totally agree if the little ones happy thats the main thing! Love this post thanks for sharing! X

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