13 Ways Christmas Has Changed Since Having a Baby …

13 Ways Christmas Has Changed Since Having a Baby …

Here goes…!


1) It’s pretty tempting to wrap wrapping paper as its more appreciated!


2) Long gone are the days where our gifts are wrapped with precision and decorated with bows and ribbon … Now presents look like our dog has wrapped them with a blindfold on as it’s a race against time to get them wrapped before the toddler decides he wants to get involved! 


3) Doubling up on wrapping paper is pretty normal – re-wrapping gifts in our household is highly likely as half of them get opened by the toddler who believes everything is for him.


4) A handprint homemade Christmas tree decoration is mandatory.


5) A following year calendar featuring your child is a staple gift for the grandparents every year!


6) The cutest gifts come from the tiny tot …  Hubby can always rely on the lovely nursery staff to reduce you to tears with the cutest creations by your little bub when he forgets to take care of the gift from the baby!


7) It’s only fair to decorate your house modestly like there’s no tomorrow.


8) Your Christmas shopping list suddenly doubles (and so does the amount of wrapping!) as your baby has an even bigger social circle than you do.

9) Baubles need to be placed tactfully on the tree, or else could be mistaken for a football/basketball by the toddler.

10) Wearing matching family Christmas pyjamas is now a “thing”!


11) Remembering that Santa is ONE person despite his various forms when communicating with the little ones.

 12) Your toddler insists on being wrapped too. 


13) We attempted festive baking… There’s a first! 


How has Christmas changed for you?x

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